Should immigrants in the United States have access to social services?

  • Immigrants should have social services

    Immigrants should have social services because it would be the cruel thing to do and plus they come here because they need economic and freedom support. Also because they dont care if they take the social services are taken awY they would still come either way because it doesnt matter.

  • Immigrants should have to work before they gain access to social services

    No, immigrants should not be granted access to social services when the enter the country. Immigrants should have a time period that they must work before they can receive benefits that tax payers work for. This will deter those that merely come to the states to cipher off of the social benefits to take care of their families.

  • No, they should be self-sufficient.

    No, immigrants in the United States should not have access to social services, because they have not paid the taxes in to deserve them. If other nations know that anyone who arrives in America receives everything they need paid for by the government, there will be more illegal immigration than we can handle.

  • Absolutely Not Illegal Aliens

    I am only responding once. This is obviously a trick question because it doesn't state if the immigrants are legal or illegal. I think anyone who immigrates to the United States legally should be allowed to have access to social services. Illegal aliens should not be allowed to have access to social services paid for, by the taxes of citizens. My reasoning is rather simple.

    1. For starters, they are illegal. They shouldn't be in the country in the first place.
    2. Illegal immigrants generally don't pay taxes.
    3. Illegal immigrants, as it is, receives tens of billions of dollars in free education benefits.
    4. A substantial percentage of young illegal immigrants end up in gangs.
    5. Obviously, if a student has pushed himself/herself to join a gang they have no interest in learning, and, therefore, they are wasting the tens of billions of dollars being put forth for their education. Remember, WE ARE PAYING FOR THEM!

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