• Come on...Lets reunite

    We both nation r fighting to each other which killing no one but ourselves..So grow up guys grow up..Think from other angle..If we seize spewing poison to each other wewill come in position where both country grow prosperous and happy..So lets pledge to reunite again and bury hatchet....Thanks guys love u

  • Unity is must

    I think yes they should reunite. This way they will not go on a war with each other and can think about progress and better future. More doors will open and light of hope will come in. I am happy. Why do I need to write 50 words huh! Hmm

  • To forget the past and nurture better tolerance between Hindus and Muslims.

    Terrorism can be controlled. And radicalism isn't the only way humans can live together. The human population is at risk of self-destruction this way. If this goes on, human race might be even at a risk of becoming extinct. Good values like tolerance and living together peacefully can be incalcated.

  • For Better national security and collective prosperity

    Indians and Pakistanis can peacefully coexist as muslims and other ethnic groups living in India. This will also mean united defense forces and less tensions and expenditure on defense and cross border defense. Moreover, Kashmir valley will become complete peaceful and can prosper too.
    Hindus and Sikhs can stay in their birth land and together all combined force and nuke strenght can retaliate to China (common enemy that Pak things is its lifelong friend).
    P.S. My grandparents were from Punjab part of present pakistan and I would love to revisit their birthplace.
    - UV

  • Once we was one and I promise we will be one we have to reunite

    I love India I want India to be the best I want it to be a place where Hindu musilms skih live tiger in peace like we did long before we was always one and a line is causeing a big problems we should get rid of the line we should reunite Pakistan and India must most Indians and pakistansi do not hate Each other but there is love for each other's country. I don't understand why we hate each we other long ago we was getting on just fine. Pakistan is Indian land it was India it should be and it will be .We will reunite.I do not see Pakistan as a divert country to India I see it as a Muslim India and India for the Hindus and Sikh we must reunite and become the world top supper power if you think about it it makes sense we will be the best India will have the world largest population of muslims in the world and are army would be one of the biggest we could spend are left over budget on medican and the poor we can face poverty we can make the Lahore that everyone wanted to see we can get rid of hatred and place love like one before I make this promise I will reunite India

  • For a better future

    If we'll be one , we'll surely have a strong influence all over the world. There will be no political instability,no border disputes. Moreover the feeling of hatred towards each other is doing no good. Tourism will flourish India will have 3 more metropolitans then , Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. And Pakistan will improve us.

  • Fictitious states must not sustain for long time..They can bring fatality to humanity.

    Religious Nationalism and Fundamentalism has already taken a toll on Pakistan and Bangladesh and have converted them into Fictitious states having lesser Governance, falling HDI and increasing ISIS support.

    Moreso, it is Natural to believe in Unification because, ethnically Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are the same. Unification will bring prosperity in greater amounts.

  • Unity is everything...

    Unity is everything... I am an Indian Engineer, I feel very sad and depressed when I see problems happening in Pakistan, India is growing rapidly, getting prosperous every year... Pakistan should walk with India.. I am sure GDP will accelerate if we reunite... There is no place for religious politics in Global world..

  • We must and we should reunite

    Because India,Pakistan,Bangladesh once upon a time they were together I hope again they will reunite and form a great competitive country(Indo-Pak) If they reunite there are many advantages than disadvantages we will form a great cricket team economical status will be increased and so on so there r benefits...Just think once...

  • Best if we reunite

    It will be economically, socially and ecologically appropriate.
    More or less it looks like a third person came into the picture, reaped benefits and left us devastated in the process.
    Its high time that we realize this and come together for the sake of the depraved and underserved rather than feeding political ego

  • No reunion needed

    If india and Pakistan reunites india would be the worst not because of indians but because who says that after reunion Pakistan will stop terrorism infact india would be having the most number of terrorists. And why should they reunite if Pakistani soldiers are ruthlessly killing innocent indian soldiers infact india never attacked and killed Pakistani soldiers. Even after reunion they could torcher indians like they are torturing poor people of balakistan and azad kashmir.

  • India Pak re-unification

    No never !! They shld not re unite as their are many disadvantages ..Fstly ques ll arise who is bigger JINNAH or GANDHI ..Disputes ll b dere ..No country men wants their leader to bend down ..2nd que is cow is preach in hindu where as not in muslim ....

  • Better to be friends

    Good friendship between the countries could go a long way in the progress and prosperity of both nations. May be it will take some decades when the generation will be more open minded and secular. What we need is educating the masses and not missiles. Not so soon but one day it will happen. Jai Hind.

  • Better to be friends

    Good friendship between the countries could go a long way in the progress and prosperity of both nations. May be it will take some decades when the generation will be more open minded and secular. What we need is educating the masses and not missiles. Not so soon but one day it will happen. Jai Hind.

  • Hmm no never

    Pakistanis are atleast two decades behind India in economic growth, education as well as in cultural progress. Further, they have extreme views on religion and if united, they will spoil the moderate and secular nature of Indian muslims and thus cause un necessary problems to India. India is better as it is today. Let pakistan solve its problems on their own.

  • Hmm no never!!!

    What pakistan has done is make a mess of itself .. What they ll do is create more problems for india !! Its very hard governing so populas country .. More jihadis ??! No thanks !!! India unlike pakistan supports diversity while pakistan is an Islamic state ! Muslims in india are more happy than in Pakistan ! They cant take care of their own muslims ! How will they benefit us ..Failed state !

  • An emotional appeal by the people living in pre-independence romantic era

    Democratically speaking, both the countries want to focus on internal affairs for the betterment of their respective countries. When there is no people consensus, there is a meager possibility that this united state will become a nation in peoples heart in the long term. Secondly, the debate seems to be a call in an emotional perspective given the history between the two nations which itself invalidates the debate given the history between the two nations after independence.Thirdly, it is possible that existing India will become more divided taking into account the communal politics which is prevalent in India(All political parties are responsible for this). And lastly, it is more plausible for the koreans than the subcontinent to get united.

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