Should India become a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

Asked by: nationworry
  • India should became a member

    Not because it's population but because of its progress India should become a permanent member of the UN security council. India is the fastest developing country and enhance it's technology all over the world either it is in china or in america. I really believe that India should be the part of UN cuncil

  • A country with 1.2 billion people must have permanent membership of UN.

    India is a place of 1.2 billion people and 18% people of the world. With this high population India deserve membership of UN because every decision made bu UN council effect Indian population. In the other hand India is fourth biggest power of world and economy as well. I think India qualified for this.

  • India should get a permanent seat in Security Council

    India is a developing country and now it’s in a position to deal with security issues on international level. India should get a chance to prove herself and I think if given a chance it will prove herself in maintaining good relations with other members and will also help Security Council in achieving its goal.

  • Surely India should be

    India has all the technology today in should look into the matter of adding India as its next permanen member. India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and one with all the capabilities that the other country has. It also the largest Democratic country in the world.

  • India should be a permanent member

    The UN Security Council should have every nation, but at the very least nations like Brazil, Germany, Japan and India should be on there. They are powerful nations that are shaping the world economy and society, and are vital to world security, so why are they not on there? It makes no sense.

  • Give Inda a seat at the table

    If any country in that region should sit on the Security Council is India.They are the largest nation in that region, their leadership and policies are stable. They would be a very good ally to free nations given their shared border with China and in my view have always been a posative influence in that region.

  • Largest Democracy and good track record

    India is the largest democratic nation in the world...Except for a brief period during emergency, India's democratic credit's cannot be questioned...And her track record in striving for global peace and security since ancient times is unmatched...With emerging global power in economic field, India deserves to be permanent member in SC

    Posted by: BVM
  • The changing world

    India is a country which has the 2nd largest population in the world and the UNSC decided that in future matters like security can be dealt with when they deny a possible superpower a seat at the UNSC who will have the most people in the world also a large contributor of manpower to the UN.

  • It Is Fit For The Position

    Many people who went against the motion of India being given a position in the UNSC talked about the crime rates. I would like to say that:

    1) The population of India is 1.2 Billion, and the population of the US is approximately 323 million. Yet, the highest crime rate of India (447.7) is much lower than the highest crime rate in the other country (608.8).

    2) Peacekeeping is what India does amazingly well. India has a foreign policy of 'No first use' and never will you find a case of India having aggressed on another country first- she only defends herself when another country aggresses. As for disputes with neighbouring countries, Pakistan and India share a painful background, China has border disputes with nearly all of its neighbours and is just angry at India for providing asylum to a spiritual leader whom they kicked out of their own country.

    3) India has always been one of the largest troop contributors to the UN.

    4) If we talk about development, I would like to say that India has the fastest growing economy. It has the largest workforce and amount of young people. It has the second largest army in the world, coming close behind China and yet you never see that country aggress first. They are, perhaps, the only country that will win the war but give away the territory because they do not believe in possession. The only reason that India is holding on to Kashmir is that she knows that Kashmir will go through an intense cultural shift if let go of.

    In the end, I would just like to say that India deserves to be on the list because it roughly makes up 1/7th of the world's population.

  • India should get permanent membership in unsc

    India is one of the founding member of uno.
    India belives in the concept of democracy, equality, peace which are also constituted in the foriegn policy of india and these are core objective of uno.
    India is one of the country who used to provide/contribute maximum number of peace keeping force to un.

  • India Not Ready for UN Security Council Seat

    India shouldn't become a permanent member of the UN Security Council anytime soon. In reality, India is a relatively new rising country that can't even handle its own security gaps. Therefore, the country doesn't deserve a permanent spot on the Security Council. If India tackles its own problems, then such an idea is feasible.

  • A Regional threat

    India, a regional threat as it is for South Asia-will achieve more say on global affairs which would be a threat for other smaller south asian nations. India should first think of its own poor citizens before opting a role of global cop. Indian leaders should take care of the farmer's suicide rate first. Shame.

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  • Not enough resources

    If India becomes a part of the UNSC then all their resources will go to secure other countries. This money should be given to its people for education. Also India cannot ensure its own country's security, how can they guarantee the safety of other countries? When they can insure their own country then being a UNSC member is logical

  • India don't deserve it..

    All the permanent members of the UN security council are Non-muslim countries so it's not fair that muslims are not at equally show in the world. Muslims are present in second highest population in the world. So for muslims right, there should not more non-muslim country. Atleast one muslim country should be at permanent seat of UN for solving muslim world issues.

  • It does not deserve to

    -India has got huge cases of crime (racism, anti-Muslim rhetoric amongst the majority, rapes, nepotism, corruption)
    -It has bad relations with its neighbours (Nepal, Pakistan, China). It doesn't do anything "professional" to try and improve those relations. Pakistan recently proposed a 4 point peace treaty but India is not interested in peace.
    -UNSC is about peace keeping. India hasn't done anything to maintain peace in the region/ the world.
    -India's not really a true democracy as corruption (in terms of voting) is rampant in the country.
    -India's leader Narendra Modi has a questionable past where as leader of his province, he let riots happen (which he could have easily stopped) which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Muslims who are the minority in India.

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