Should India get a permanent UN Security Council seat?

  • India should get the permanent membership in security council of un

    India should get a permanent membership in security council because if get a chance when it can get a bit of more help of all organizations of the un and other countries how are trying to attack us like pakisthan can go a step back. I wish that india should ge the permanent membership in security council

  • A permanent UN SC seat for India

    US President Barack Obama, in New Delhi, has reconfirmed his country’s support for India’s nomination for a permanent seat in an expanded UN Security Council. His exact words on November 8 were: “I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member.” This is read as a ‘full endorsement’ of India’s candidacy and a new salience in India-US relations.
    Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman has politely opposed the endorsement, saying it will complicate the process of expanding the UN Security Council and increasing the number of its permanent members. He has referred, as has been done on several past occasions, to India’s bad record on human rights, unsatisfactory relations with its neighbours etc. But the question does not devolve on what Pakistan says.
    It is not clear to many why the Security Council should be reformed and how. It was squeezed after the Second World War after learning some bitter lessons from the failure of the League of Nations where the Council had an unlimited number of members and all of them had the power of veto. Such was the dominance of the idea of state sovereignty that the League could take no action during most crises. The UN was based on the ‘realist’ principle of ‘preferred’ sovereignty of a few states.

  • India should not have a permanent seat.

    How can India expect to have a permanent seat and have a say in global affairs, when a lot of her citizens, can't read, write or use a toilet? Their infrastructure is decades behind the west, their human rights records are atrocious (Kashmir and Punjab is a great example), the country is unstable (Naxals et al), there is so much poverty and corruption, the caste system is still prevalent, Muslims are killed and Churches are burnt down, tourists are often attacked or raped, streets have mountains of rubbish, cows wonder around cities and towns freely and people urinate and defecate in public. Don't you think that India should sort out her own affairs before being in a position to lecture other countries?

  • Doing so would down regional stability

    The border conflict between india, pakistan and china is one of the major geopolitical conflicts in the world. Currently negotiations is working to some extent and hopefully peace is going to be established. BUT if the balance of power is changed right now, it is possible that Pakistan would be provoked and a war, possibly nuclear war, would be at the edge of breaking.

  • India should not get a permanent UN Security Council seat.

    India is not a very important country so it should not get a permanent seat on the Security Council. It's economy is still a lot less developed that other countries, like Germany or Japan. Also, India causes a lot of environmental pollution which harms other countries. India should be more developed before it can have the right to influence world politics.

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