Should India spend more on military (yes) or education (no)?

  • Military spending should not be cut

    Indians are known for their intellectual power.We have managed to keep our educational standards par with the developed world.Still more spending is necessary in this field,but it should not be by cutting down the defence budget.As our nearest neighbours and rivals,China and Pakistan keep on increasing their defence spending, it will always remain a threat to our national security.

  • We have enough

    We dont need more defence spending we already have good enough for our usage, military spending will rise as our economy gets better focusing on economy will bear fruits for the defence industry later, also the funds that we have should be more focused towards indigenous production thats why steady impprtance towards our economy should be given

  • The pen is mighter than the sword.

    I believe education spending is more important than military spending for any country. War seems to only help solve the problem temporarily. However, a diplomatic or educational decision solves problems in the long run. No country wants to be a nation of idiots. I feel that an education is more powerful than having a gun.

  • Military takes away from education

    The over bloated Indian military budget, justified due to the supposed everlasting threat from Pakistan, is taking away vital funds and resources from education and other social services. The reality is India cannot survive as some heavily militarized state, and if it does not reinvest into education, it is destroying its own future.

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