• Indian women should work after marriage.

    Indian women marry at a very young age and do not get the chance to experience their life apart the family. Women should work for their passion and keep their dreams alive.For more supporting points do check out my article on "5 Benefits to Indian women working after marriage" -http://womennow.In/5-benefits-indian-women-working-marriage/

  • We are born with same special power every person wants to achieve our aim of life.

    We talk here specially about women .Women have right to live her life happily , she do anything in her life to achieve aur aim but some people not supported women for job. These people are narrow minded and belive in orthodox system , they don't know about women's freedom .Not only men but also a women do job because a women do job , she know about the whole worlds knowledge that's why job is very good suggestion for women to be intelligent .

  • We know that all of us created by god with same power withere it is physical or logical.

    Women is not only a house wife, before married they are girl child who born & bought and observed knowledge and all social activity in the same society which are prove that women can do work after married if man can do. And marriage is a stage of life not a barrier of life. In other hand women get PhD in house management, very tough to all level of job & skill.

  • Women too have a life & we're just their husband & not their creator!

    Why do we always want the female sexes to sacrifice everything? Why can't we male sacrifice the same?
    Is the upbringing of there child only a responsibility of a women? The responsibly towards the child is equal on both the parents then why do we always want the wife to leave her job or take a transfer from her job?
    Women too have the right to live their life according to their own wishes & wants! Isn't leaving her house & shifting to a male's house not enough already that we make her crib more & more!

  • Any married woman should haver the right to work.

    I fully grasp that each country and cultures do things differently; however, in my opinion, I feel whether or not a woman is married should be beside the fact, and she should be allowed to work after marriage. Especially, if there are not children in the mix at the early stages.

  • Indian women should not work after marriage.

    After getting married, women should take care of their house and their family. They will get pregnant and start having kids soon after they get married. Naturally, they will not be able to work at this time. It is more important to start raising a family than to worry about working.

  • Indian women are not here for handling kids

    Indian women, or rather any women isn't present for handling children. It is both the parent's responsibility to take care of their child. "They will get pregnant"? No women becomes pregnant without a man. A man has equal responsibility. Fyi, pregnant ladies work till 7 months of pregnancy. At the end, it is and should be a women's personal decision and nobody can snatch that. It is a basic right.

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