Should individuals care more about themselves (yes) or society (no)?

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  • I think that individuals should care about society.

    I think that people should care about their own needs and society, but I think it's bad for society when people only put their own individual needs first. When people help out others and society, they often get a deep feeling of personal fulfillment which also helps them feel better about themselves.

  • Individuals should care more about society

    If we all lost our sense of selfishness, society would be a better place instantly. Rather than working for our own greed in many cases, to any end, there would be no more poverty. There is no reason for people to have yachts when cruise ships are available for travel. There is no reason for some people to have luxury cars if everyone could have a decent car. Greed is disgusting and should be eradicated. On the other hand taking care of oneself is taking care of society, but it's about which you do it for, vanity or society. Taking care of ones health reduces health care costs, taking care of ones home creates a better environment for those around them.

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