• Infidelity in marriage can be acceptable therefore forgiven.

    I argue for most of our evolution our species has not been a monogamous one. We have lead a vast majority of our evolution as a very sociable species and within these societies the most alpha males mated with multiple female. In some primitive tribes today even we see that women have multiple male companions and when the woman bears child the men of the tribe all claim father to the child. To say something is unforgivable only holds true to the extent the so called guilty party accepts such deed as morally or ethically wrong within themselves. If you yourself are not the judge in this hypothetical courthouse or the gate keeper to the infinite paradise how is it possible to say? If we speak in terms of socially forgivable I think it is nessasary for the questioned party to address why do the need such acceptance from society? Would they feel they needed it the same if society did accept it? Do I feel it is morally wrong or something unforgivable? The only truth is we each have to sleep and live with our infidelities and if this is not something you can do without ease or loads of regret. I think the question itself does not apply in the first place. In which time forgivable or not need not apply either. So concluding, ultimately the deed that is questionable is in the eye of the beholder himself. No single person can say if one thinks it to be this or that, in their minds is ever really breaking a sacred vow seem to be complete blastfamous to their relationship. Either whether is or not, who could ever say any different from what one believes in their mind to be true?... If it is not meant to be insulating ones position in the relationship or any way they may view or feel toward this innocent party how can't such act be seen as unforgivable if they cannot even identify symptoms of this infidelity, even when you say the act therefore makes them guilty and inconsiderably the act happened but does that make the acceptably wrong and why we may say yes without common language to define and understand another in the same context some of those could argue then this idea of infidelity I would not even exist if communication and understanding between peoples was not existing . I believe a person can make some of the most sacred of vow or commitment and be completely untouched by their moment on the other side of the grass, where their feelings for the original partner are completely intact and they have not carried on feelings companionship or guilt toward the person they committed the act with, yes, I do believe this to be true. If everything outside the physical relation has remained the same I believe it may be very possible the physical then remains still unchanged, only when a conscious eye is psychologically effected does it have substance.

  • Infidelity is Unforgivable in Marriage

    Infidelity in marriage should be considered an unforgivable act that nobody should have to deal with. Marriage is considered sacred by various societies, and it should be thought of that way. Cheating on someone that your married to should result in your wife or husband leaving you almost immediately thereafter.

  • Infidelity in marriage should not be forgivable.

    Infidelity in marriage should not be forgivable. It depends on the married couple, however, I feel that infidelity in marriage will likely lead to divorce. If you can not trust the person you are married to then it is very hard to regain that trust once it is broken and takes a lot to get the marriage back on track.

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