Should institutional marriage be abolished in favor of separation of Church and State?

Asked by: Rhett_Butler
  • Abolishing institutional marriage would prevent arguments.

    Abolishing institutional marriage would make sense and ensure equality. It would solve arguments over marriage laws. The perks of it, such as leaving property to people, and hospital visitation could be done through contracts. This could also prove more effective and less argued over than putting them into the marriage system.

  • Legal marriage is unconstitutional

    It is forcing your religious views upon the people of this country. Marriage should exist as a Ceremony for religious people to participate in but should hold no legal ground. There are other religious bonding ceremonies other than marriages so legal marriage is unconstitutional and discriminatory. Legality of people living together should be handled by the government not a religion or religious beliefs. People in government should not let religious effect their politics. The use of of marriage and religion in the government goes against separation of church and sate. Like using the bible to say why a law should or should not pass is not right the bible legal should have no standing as a valid argument, or evidence. Believe what you will, but please keep your religion out of my government.

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