Should intelligent design be taught in public schools?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Students should have options

    I see no reason why students can't be taught different theories and options with no particular leaning on whether one is the "correct" one or not. Intelligent design does not endorse a particular religion. Intelligent design can be consistent with science and several religions, or no particular religion. Intelligent design, at best, favors deism, as opposed to any specific religion. Therefore it does not violate separation of church and state - a term which is very often misrepresented.

  • Yes, but not only...

    We should not exclude intelligent design from the schools. Right now, not only teachers but ESTEEMED collage professors are being FIRED because they teach creation! This is not okay! The only reason that evolution has actually survived all these years is because, as children, students have no where else to turn! The world HATES christianity, but for no apparent reason!

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  • Separation of church and state

    The intelligent design theory states that the universe and life in it could not have developed by random natural processes such as natural selection or evolution, only an intelligent power can explain the complexity of life that we see today. Believing in the separation of church and state, I think intelligent design should not be taught in public schools because it would be endorsing a specific religion.

  • I am against the teaching of intelligent design.

    The problem that I feel with teaching intelligent design in school is that t is not scientific. Having children learn about something that does not follow the scientific process is wrong. The problem with I.D. Is that it is note falsifiable, it cannot be disproved and thus is not a valid theory.

  • Not if it's compulsory.

    There would be no problem with it if it was the wishes of the student, because this entire debate is about the student consenting to it. But teaching it to kids from day one is no different from indoctrination.

    If the student takes a personal interest in the subject then there's no reason to stop them.

  • No, leave religious concepts to religious buildings.

    Intelligent design can be left to Churches, Mosques, etc. School is to teach concepts that apply to every day life and career fields. Teaching intelligent design to influence religious beliefs is the job of religious facilities. School is based on evidence, and where that evidence is leading towards, etc.


  • That's the churches job.

    School is supposed to teach facts, concepts and theories that can be applied to the real world and their career choices and not religious beliefs. Go to a church or a private school if you want to hear this garbage that has no evidence. We have separation of church and state for a reason. Religious people should not have to have their subjects taught on the taxpayers dollar.

  • Not in schools

    Leave religious beliefs out of the school system with exception to cultural studies. It is the place of parents and church/synagogue/mosques to teach intelligent design. Children’s education needs to be secular rooted in science and facts. There need to be a line between belief systems and evidence based education. ... ...

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