Should international torrent site owners be prosecuted in the United States?

  • Torrent site owners need to be punished

    Torrent sites rob artists and musicians of their livelihood. This is a criminal offense that should be punishable by law, no matter if the site is hosted internationally or not. The United States government in particular can and should do more to ensure that owners of torrent sites are brought to justice.

  • No, they can't shut the net down.

    That`s it waste money on crap like this instead finding terrorist than are doing real hard to this country. Copyright laws fly in the face of free speech and should be removed from society. Telling people what they can and cannot share with one another is against the very foundation of a free society.

  • No, they don't have to be prosecuted in the United States, but they need to be prosecuted somewhere.

    No, it's not mandatory for international Torrent site owners to be prosecuted in the United States, but they do need to be prosecuted somewhere. The U.S. is just one option. Other options may include: the nation where they were operating, an international consortium, or the country where they are a citizen.

  • No, torrents are harmless.

    The Uniteds States has much bigger problems to worry about than torrenting sites. Torrenting sites barely cost artists and the recording and film industry any money. If anything it is streaming sites, which are leagal, that are responsisble for the lower incomes of artists and the lesser value of the companies that record them.

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