• Can barely help the advertising industry

    As junk mail is sent, whatever is being advertised is never given a second glance by the receiver. This proves to be a waste of paper as well - putting more pressure on our wood-cutting industries as well. It also adds unnecessary work for the Post. As you can see, the downsides heavily outweigh the benefits of junk mail. That's why it is called 'junk' mail.

  • Unsolicited email, postal mail, telephone calls, fax spam, in person presentations, online advertisments, and advertisments in all forms of media are legitimately illegal.

    Soliciting sales and sending unsolicited sales information either steal bandwidth, the victims paper, electricity, use of the machine, the victims TIME, cpu cycles, etc.. All unsolicited sales commit these grevious crimes. The most severe infractions should not only imprison the offenders but seek to place the organizers in life sentences without parole, or capital punishment.

  • It would save people a lot of time and hassle

    It would also be a slippery slope. Some of these emails look legit when they are really scams. Other emails look like scams but are really legit. It might be impossible to truly make all junk emails illegal. I think we should try anyway. We could try focusing on getting every one real jobs that paid a fair wage, and a lot of these scam emails would go away.

  • No Interenet junk mail should not be illegal.

    As long as the content of so called "Internet Junk Mail" is legal material in the country in which it is received it should be legal to send. One the great aspects of the Internet is the fact it provides equal access to all businesses, big and small alike. It it the great equalizer in the business world.

  • No, junk mail shouldn't be illegal.

    Junk mail doesn't cause anyone any harm. It may be annoying to get but you are not being forced to read it. It is just an advertisement. This is the same as asking if advertisements are illegal because they are out there and no one wants to read them. Junk mail is just an advertisement.

  • No, its just like real junk mail

    I think if you look at it from a perspective of normal junk mail. The people have a right to send you stuff,but a filter would be nice. The problem is that you can't go through it yourself efficiently. I think a software that exactly works would be nice. The filters that are in place, just don't work.

  • Junk mail is mostly innocent.

    Internet junk mail should not be illegal. This is because it is mostly innocent. It is full of sales ads. Although these ads can be annoying, unless they are harmful, they should not be illegal. It is better to allow junk mail to continue to be freely available online, just as it is in the postal mail.

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