• It is important to understand how different cultures around the world think and view God.

    In today's society there is so much propaganda about how different religions are trying to destroy the planet due to radicalism, and many religions also believe that they are the one way to God. In order to live peacefully with other cultures that have different beliefs, it is important to understand how they view God to be able to respect their beliefs. It also helps people to understand that non-radicals of most religions are peaceful and not enemies of others.

  • I agree so long as the education includes all the major world religions.

    With so much unrest around the world caused by people's religious intolerance, now more than ever it is vital that children gain at least a basic understanding of the main world religions. These children need to be able to live and work in multicultural societies and should be able to respect the views and beliefs of others.

  • No, that is stupid.

    Parents or schools "educating" children about a strongly opinionated subject is wrong. It is incredibly dumb to make religious education compulsory, especially if one does not follow a certain religion or is heavily atheist or secular. It is not the place of a school to affect one's religious views. People can believe what they want. Religion should not be imposed on anyone, which is also why I'm against parents raising their kids with a religion.

  • Not in this context.

    The question is not about children being educated ABOUT world religions from an objective observer standpoint, it's about being educated and indoctrinated subjectively by the doctrines of a single religion (this being Ireland, i assume it's Catholicism). So in that case, i would absolutely have to say no. It is not the place of the state to take part in the religious education of any individual. We have a separation of church and state for a reason.

  • I'm conservative on many things, but not all.

    I am conservative on many things, but religion is not one of them. I am for secularity, but I also support anyone who has a religion. Personally, I am not religious. Religion should not be imposed on anyone. I believe this is unnecessary and could cause an amount of rebellion from those forced to be practicing it.

  • No, they should not.

    The idea of a state religion is an outdated idea in our modern world. One of the reasons why there are two warring factions in Ireleand is because of religious differences. Mandatory religious education would only deepen that rift and would end the peace between the two groups, causing violence again.

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