Should Ireland have jailed bankers for the banking problems that it experienced in 2008?

  • Reckless misconduct of Ireland bankers should be punished

    Punishing bankers whose reckless behavior lead to many of the banking problems of 2008 is necessary to restore public confidence. Jailing wrongdoers is a positive change in the direction of the economy. Additionally, they should revamp the way bankers are authorized and make top bankers more accountable for the effect of their banking activities.

  • Yes, because at least some of the bankers had to know what was happening, if even none of them knew if could.

    It's hard to invade a computer network for any length of time without getting caught, much less a system that's as heavily surveilled as the banking industry. Multiple daily checks should have told bankers that there was unauthorized access to accounts and other sensitive information. Had this been reported in a timely fashion, the industry wouldn't be as damaged as it still is.

  • Yes, they should.

    The bankers who caused the problems in 2008 were skirting the law, and some where outright breaking it. They should be held responsible for the terrible crisis that they caused and jailing them is the least they can do. This would be a positive move towards rectifying the situation that they caused.

  • No. They should have left the past where it was.

    A statute of limitations should exist on all criminal offenses. I believe that “the law” should leave people alone for things that they did that many years ago and beyond. People who truly repent for their crimes should be set free. Unrepentant people should not be set free. How we can tell whether someone is truly repentant is complicated, but it includes examining their current lifestyle and ensuring that crime is not on the agenda.

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