Should it be a legal requirement for citizens to vote in elections?

  • Is it a Democracy?

    How can it be that the United States of America, a DEMOCRATIC republic, can even elect a president without the majority actually voting? The fact of the matter is that you cannot have a democratic republic if there is no democracy. Also, the results will be more accurate with all of the population voting rather than less than half of eligible voters. It is your civic duty to vote just as it is to pay taxes or jury duty. And if the candidate that you wanted to win was not elected, I will say to you, "Maybe you should've voted."

  • All citizens should most definetly be required to vote

    Citizens should be required to vote because it would help our country. The more votes we get, the more sure we are in better hands. If you complain and you didn't even vote, you don't have a right to complain. Some say they don't even care about elections. You don't care who's running your country?

  • Our duty as Americans

    We are not soviets. We are not communist. We are Americans. It is are duty to vote. If we do not vote will definitely lose that right. And if we lose that right, then we will become communist by the force of the government we didn't choose to be in office.

  • People do not understand what a privilege it is to be able to vote.

    Coming from a country where I was not given the right to vote, I now live in Australia where I have to vote by law. I feel that making every citizen vote is good because otherwise you don't get an accurate show of what people really think. I always hear so many people complaining about the president, but often those same people chose not to vote.

  • Post-democracy?

    I´m an Austrian citizen and I love the U.S. because of its values and after my university degree in quantum physics I will move there because America is simply the best physics country, by far. Let me repeat I love the U.S. BUT I think it is a critical sign that such things like the PATRIOT act are passed without any recognition of the people. The right of privacy is a right granted by the constitution, and yes I have read it! The peoples interest in politics has to be spurred or the country´s democracy will experience a black Friday. Have any of you seen V for Vendetta or read 1986 written by George Orwell? It is exactly like this. Fear mixed up with no-interest will lead to such a scenario if we don´t do anything. The public has to control politics. Please U.S. citizens think more critically!

  • I think that more people

    should vote but not by force because that would make more people not want to vote. I am some what neutral about this because people need to vote and not be lazy, but they should have their say on what they do voting wise. Also some people don't have a way to get to their voting place unlike others that have cars. So, it is a yes and a no for me.

  • VoteUndecided

    Yes, BUT there should be an "I have no opinion" option. That way people who truly want to opt out of choosing any political position still have the right to not participate. Their presence is required on voting day, but they don't have to make any decision about the election. This way, NO ONE can threaten to obstruct voters at the polls as everyone needs to be accounted for.

  • All citizens should be required to vote because this would give a more accurate result on the feelings of all citizens in an election.

    It is a privilege to vote and I think all citizens should be legally required to vote. A lot of the time, the people who gripe the loudest did not even take the time to vote. If every citizen voted, we would get a more accurate result from our elections. If every citizen voted, the influence of some strong groups might be diluted so that the populace is better represented.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Everybody must vote in elections to choose better candidate.

    Normally, in elections about 65% to 70% of the votes are only recorded. From that, the candidate is selected. The remaining citizens are not willing to vote, or if their names may not be appear in the voter's list it should be corrected by the election commission. The election commission should act independently. The election commission should ensure 100% polling during every election. Then only the right candidate can be selected. Otherwise the political party members vote more often and the winner will not accurately represent the will of the people.

    Posted by: 53lfDius
  • Hey hey yes

    Hey hey heyIf the wrong people are elected they might spend YOUR money unwisely;If the wrong people are elected they might spend YOUR money unwisely;If the wIf the wrong people are elected they might spend YOUR money unwisely;If the wrong people are elected they might spend YOUR money unwisely;If the w

  • People should not be forced to vote.

    Making someone vote is a violation of liberty. If you do not want to, you shouldn't be forced to. Sometimes people may not like the candidates and that person should not vote, for he or she thinks there is no one fit to win the election. These people have their own rights.

  • NO! It wouldn't be accurate!

    Many people say that voting would give you a more accurate election, but you guys are completely wrong. Forcing people to vote would make some citizens (that already vote) mad that they wouldn't even watch the debates, they would just guess. The people that didn't vote would still be lazy and might just go with their friends or spouses choice. Voting is NOT about just choosing a random person. It's about choosing a great leader to help us! It's just not right.

  • Restricts Freedom of Speech

    Many people would say that compulsory voting supports our democratic lifestyle. But in actuality, it only restricts our first amendment allowing freedom of speech. You see, freedom of speech does not only include your choice to speak, but also your choice to not speak at all. The whole meaning of "The government shall be for the people, of the people, and by the people" will lose its meaning if people are forced to exercise their right to vote. But even then it wouldn't be a right, but a must. People who say that compulsory voting supports our democracy should realize that democracy serves freedom, not the other way around.

  • If We The People Are A Nation We Should Not Be Forced To Vote,

    We Are A Democracy , We Have Rights , If Are Voice Matters So Shouldn't Are Say In Not Wanting To Vote. If The Goverment Wants Are Say Then Why Don't They Listen When We Say No. Dont Care Dont Vote. Some Dont Know Any Thing About Voting So To Make It Easy We Save Are Time And We Dont Vote.

  • No, it should not be a requirement, because everyone has free will.

    People are free to do whatever they want, within the boundaries of the law. I don't think anyone has the right to tell someone they have to vote. If people don't want to vote, do you really just want them to blindly go and mark the ballots as quickly as possible, just to get it over with? I would much rather the people who are serious, the people who do their homework, be the ones casting the votes. There are too many important things on the ballots, and I don't want my future in the hands of the junkie down the street.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • No

    Each person should be able to have the choice. A lot of people like to remain neutral and the electoral college ultimately has the final say. Therefore requiring all citizens to vote would just be inciting some new ignorance into the polls because not everyone is educated enough to make a decision.

  • Australia has forced voting

    Australia has forced voting and I forgot to vote and received a fine. This is not democracy. Most Australian citizens have the right to vote but not the equal right not to vote. I am sick of the rubbish the Australian politicians propose and when they get into government, they do the opposite or something else to placate their supporters. My reason why I don't wish to vote is to send all political parties a message, if you want my vote, then earn it with policies and actions that support the general population.

  • "the RIGHT to VOTE"

    the hedline says it. i have a RIGHT to vote. and for someone such as myself being forced to vote is only gonna piss me off more and want even less to do with this terrible system. better yet i would be an uneducated voter and that doesnt seem like the right thing to do. and guess what i dont vote and i dont complain, thats what all of you who did vote do for me.

  • No because it is a right not a requirement

    People that vote should be educated not people who know nothing about who they are voting for.

    We Are A Democracy. We Have Rights. If our Voice Matters So Shouldn't our Say In Not Wanting To Vote. If The Goverment Wants our Say, Then Why Don't They Listen When We Say No. Dont Care, Dont Vote. Some Dont Know Any Thing About Voting So To Make It Easy We Save our Time And We Dont Vote.

  • People won't be informed voters.

    I am an American citizen, I am only 14, and I am doing a research paper about this topic. From listening to my family all these years, I know that not everyone will take the time to be informed about this topic. Not everyone will get off there butts and take the time to understand both sides; they will listen to other people's opinions, be under pressure, etc. They will vote based on others beliefs, not their own. We are not a dictatorship! We are citizens, and they cannot, and should not force us to do something we don't want to do.

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