Should it be easier for immigrants to enter the United States?

  • Yes, the process of legal immigration is too complicated

    As a naturalized US citizen who had legally entered the country and jumped through all the legal hoops to become first a permanent resident (green card holder) and then a citizen, I can tell you that yes, the process is too drawn-out and complicated. Lots of paperwork, fees, etc. Measures can definitely be taken to make it easier for those of us who choose to do it right.

  • Was Closing Ellis Island A Good Idea?

    I don't think that immigration should be made easier for those immgrants coming to the United States. Thinking back, I think that we should still have the same policies that existed back when Ellis Island was open. Background checks, health checks, and requiring someone to have enough cash in their pocket to support themselves until they find a job and live the American dream in my opinion is not unreasonable. By requiring these I do believe we would cut down on terrorism, prevent the spread of diseases that we eradicated that new immigrants may bring into the U.S because they haven't been vaccinated, and cut down on welfare and aide to those who have not contributed to the growth of the U.S.

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