Should it be illegal for a transsexual to trick a straight person?

Asked by: HumbleAfrican
  • Its fraud and its dangerous.

    Currently its not illegal for a man or women, who had a sex change or pretends to be other than their birth sex, to engage in sexual intercourse or have relationships with people without first disclosing their birth sex. I believe laws have to change to reflect the changing world, and protect people of all sexual orientation.
    Yesterday at a club my friend was talking to this girl all night long. Dancing hugging etc. Only for her to later tell him, "Before we go any farther I have to tell you I'm a TS" My friend was extremely mad and we had to stop him from seriously hurting it.
    Many a transsexual has been beaten up or even killed for deceiving unsuspecting people. People who have been deceived in this manner shouldn't have to take matters in their own hands they should be able to have the law fight their battles. This sort of deceit is an equivalent to rape, and the people who do it should be labeled as sex offenders.

  • People have a right

    It doesn't matter how much a person believes they are one gender or another, the other party should always have the right to know the sex, or intersex one was born with. That is not trans phobia, lying about your current or former sex should be illegal. That is all

  • Its still fraud.

    If it is something as severe as a gender change people have a right to know. If they engage in intercourse with a straight person, that person is giving consent to what they think is a member of the opposite gender but if this is not the case and it is a 'transexual tricking them' its comparable to rape. I personally would not want to have sex with another man, therefore if someone where to trick me into thinking they were a woman, i would consider this rape because it is unconsented

  • Although the question should be rephrased; And I don't think it should be treated that seriously, make it a civil offense

    Why couldn't it be a transsexual tricking a gay person? Or not even a transsexual. Some people aren't transsexuals but are transvestites, that is to say they dress up as the opposite sex occasionally but they don't think of themselves as being or wanting to be the opposite sex.

    Point 2, I don't think it should be considered nearly as serious as rape, you still consented to the sex though it wasn't fair that they tricked you. Nor do I think you should have to become a registered sex offender as another suggested. Nor do I think merely flirting, dating, or even kissing should be subject to this law. It shouldn't be that serious of an offense. In fact I think it should just be a tort. You should be able to sue someone over this, and that's it.

    Other sorts of deception i.e. concerning age should be considered much more serious. If someone underage tricks another person as to their age that should result in jail time and them becoming a registered sex offender.

  • It is a form of RAPE

    Not disclosing your birth sex is deceiving and causes trauma on someone who has been tricked in this way. It is wrong and should be disclosed up front in any relationship. No matter how many surgeries they have had they aren't their "new" sex genetically. Laws need to be put in place to protect people who are abused in this way by others.

  • Not just straight.

    I think that people that are deceptive about this personal an issue should be subject to civil suits. Also, people who have STDs and do not disclose it should be subject to paying damages and medical bills. It's just rotten changing appearance to the opposite sex and going for people who are looking for natural only. If you took it as far as suing over dyed hair or wigs, that might be taking it too far. Watch the Star Trek TNG episode where they introduce the Trill for the first time. It was all about this issue. What a jerk the Trill was for not telling a woman interested in men only and family life and having children that he's really a parasite that uses humanoid bodies for romance with humans, and what an idiot Dr. Crusher was. She jumped into the sack with it as quick as she could.
    Trill: "Oh, sorry, I'll be a chick now for the next 40 years. We're still good for a Friday wedding, right?"
    Dr. Crusher: "No, but maybe someday I'll be cool enough to set aside all my preferences and dreams for those of an inconsiderate interloper."
    Roll credits.

  • Trannys are sexual predators equal to pedos

    They are sexual predators no different to pedophiles and rapists. They prey on heterosexual victims and groom them and pre meditate how they will deceive a heterosexual male victim into engaging in homosexual acts against their better known will of choice. And then often times proceed to make the abused victim of molestation and rape relive out their ordeal with continued threats to shame them and expose them publicly and extort them of money and all sorts. They are a despicable set of people built on evil and deception. Their is no transgender victim, if they are beaten and murdered its usually because the murderer or attacker was a victim to something fowl theyve done to them first. We cant blame the victims of molestation or rape if they happen to come face to face with their abuser and kill them. This to me is completely justified ad reasonable. If i am ever violated and abused against my consent or full knowledgable consent to what it is im doing with what i believe to be a woman i would be a victim of sexual abuse and at the time of the abuse would be a powerless innocent ignorant naive victim that has been violated on a level no one should. So should i be given the chance to face my attacker i cannot be held accountable for my acts. They play the victim card but they aint innocent 99 percent of the time. The same way everyone felt ok and that it was justified and good about tommy beating hollys uncles brains in with a bat on the last episode of power (because he molested holly and engaged in underage sex acts with her) so if thats ok and commendable what tommy did despite the man saying holly wanted it she accepted it , then its equally commendable beating a trannies brains in, in my opinion. A victim of rape and molestation isnt aged limited nor gender limited, and if you choose to sexual abuse and be a predator you choose to accept whatever repercussions come from mentally destroying someone for life because of your selfish deviant acts

  • Trannys are sexual predators equal to pedaphiles

    Trannys are sexual predators and admitted rapist ........... Nothing positive about them, what they stand for or lifestyle. They are a no different threat to the world than that as a pedophile to children and rapist to woman. Predators come in all shapes and sizes, often times present what they do as innocent non devious about love and that feelings they had were uncontrollable and natural. Just because its telling you that doesn't mean its not a sexual predator to men, who can also be victims. Anyone who grooms someone through various means to deceive the victim of their true intentions or use any tactic to achieve their sexually deviant desires or mask who they are to hide the 'truth' because of fear the person will make an alternative decision not in favour is a 'sexual predator' luring unsuspecting victims and forcing them into sexual acts to please them self against the victims better known will............... Now often times if the victim of sexual abuse had the ability to meet their predator, rapist molestor and confront them privately they are likely to act out in rage and retributional violence for the fact they have been abused taken advantage of by someone with a pre meditated thoughts of taking something they know the victim was to innocent naive or powerless to permit to give at the time taken. These trans freak predators often times romanticize and victimize themselves completely ignoring the criminal predatorial immoral destructive evil element of a big part of what they are, deception through false visual illusions. Now if we were going to disect the real reason these trannies are being physically attacked and murdered it is often time because they were not innocent to begin with, they are usually attacked for one thing or the other .... One. They are attempting to extort, threaten and black mail someone who has made the choice to remain a closeted homosexual and violate their right to publicly accept homosexuality which is a form of persecution and violation, or they are doing the same to someone who has mistakenly engaged in sexual acts with them and now is being extorted targeted and victimized further by threats of shame in their community, or they are murdered and attacked for disclosing the truth about what they are after they have essentially raped molested and abused an innocent heterosexual victim who did not consent to acts of homosexuality with someone of his own gender and biological make up. Me personally these are all valid constitutional reasonable reasons why someone may target and murder a tranny with justification. The same way we do not give pedophiles a pass and would not blame the victim of molestation rape or pedophilia should they blow the brains of the perpetrator we should not blame the victim of tranny molestation and rape of a male victim. If you live right and leave people alone and live humbly you will not piss people off to where they'd wanna hurt you.

  • They can never medically change their gender and will always be male despite looking like a female.

    Anyone who has ever taken Grade 10 biology can understand that your born with XX or XY chromosomes and simply altering your appearance does not change your gender. If someone is willing to have sex though only with the opposite sex then they have been raped. It should be the duty of a transgender to tell anyone they meet that they are pretending the be the opposite gender due to a medical illness. The victim of transgender rape should also have the right to charge the transgender for rape and sue for pain and suffering as this event can be extremely traumatic for the victim.

  • Fraud is fraud, rape is rape

    The truth is that rape is illegal partially because sex has value. If you lie to someone in order to get something of value that you wouldn't have been able to obtain otherwise, that is fraud and you should go to jail. If someone is lying about their gender to have sex with someone else, it is rape, it is fraud, and it should be illegal.

  • Is this a problem for you?

    Seriously? Who, aside from characters in sitcoms, has this been an issue for? Transsexual are not out "tricking" people. This is just some fear thing. Its like bathrooms. What is the fear everyone has with transsexual using bathrooms? What are you all doing in the bathroom that makes you fear another person using a stall?

    Posted by: TBR
  • You ought to tell the person if you are transgender/sexual

    But when a transgender/transexual person is in a romantic relationship they arent trying to trick you. For one its very difficult to break that news to a potential romantic partener for fear if their reaction.
    Another thing: If fir example a transgender/sexual woman wants go date you and tells you she is a woman or you just assume that, she insnt lying or tricking you. She is a woman. She is telling the truth.

  • Shes a woman

    It's not tricking. Shes a woman now. Maybe you should ask beforehand, however if you have a DNA fetish instead of a sexual or emotional attraction then maybe you are the one at fault and not the trans person. I do not understand what the big deal is with this.

  • It is not tricking

    Transsexual people don't intend to 'trick' people into thinking they are one sex or another because they are both. I think it's a personal topic and a person doesn't have to be open about them being transsexual unless they are comfortable telling someone they are trans. They are not tricking society. Besides, the question states 'Should it be illegal for a transsexual to trick a straight person' I see two flaws with the question as they are not 'tricking' people and the second flaw would be using the words 'straight person'. Transsexual people don't just 'trick' straight people, they can 'trick' homosexual or asexual people as well. Besides, using the word 'trick' isn't right in context as they aren't trying to confuse people, they were probably confused themselves at one point in their life. I believe it is their choice to tell people about their gender.

  • Know Your Own Partner

    It's always been considered wise to get to know and be personal with the person you're sleeping with. Those who choose not to do so are taking more risk than just sleeping with the same sex. Few transsexuals are even attempting to "trick" those they encounter, they don't owe anyone an explanation for why they are who they are.

  • Get to know someone before you have sex

    I don't think it should be illegal. People should get to know someone before they engage in sexual intercourse. Granted, you probably won't know this when you meet someone at the bar so this leads into someone's "religion and morals" comment. If you sleep with someone the first time you meet them then you are more than likely breaking your religious beliefs by have sex outside of wedlock and you morals are pretty low to be sleeping with some RANDOM person that you just met. Therefor that makes you no better than the person that tricked you.

  • I am unsure how a person could be "tricked"

    You should take a look before she has your ankles in the air saying this won't hurt. Maybe your bias and think it is ok to get head but not give it, that's ok I'm the same way. But to make it illegal is as dumb as the person that thinks they got "tricked". Personally I don't tongue a girl unless my fingers get wet.

  • You can't always have your own way

    It does not matter how old you are or what you think you know; you can't always have your own way. People just need to learn to stop bragging, and respect people. Priests should only marry a man and woman, not same sex couples or transsexuals. Is this not obvious?

  • It Sexual Abuse along with mental and emotional Abuse.

    Anyone who goes to great lengths to deceive and gets a thrill out of it is an abuser. In the case of transgender. This should be required to disclose to allow the other party to choose. If this is taken from that person sexually. IT IS SEXUAL ABUSE! Bottom line. Yes this constitutes a Sexual Abuse Case! Another deception is statue of limitations. This is BULL! There is no Statue. States may TRY to claim it with false law. This leaves them to wide open for a law suit against the state. There is NO statue on ANY SEXUAL ABUSE CASE. This is due to the proven long term effects of this horrendous kind of abuse.

  • No. But there's nothing wrong with not being attracted to a transsexual person.

    It should not be illegal.

    But I don't think deception is ok. Some people here are so desperate to prove how accepting they are that they reduce all counter arguments to "DNA fetish". This is a thoroughly wrong and close-minded way of looking at this complex matter.

    Trans people deserve acceptance, basic rights, and respect just like cis people. Now, some people are attracted to trans people, some people are not. You can't force someone to say they are attracted to trans people to prove how accepting they are. Acceptance and attraction are two very different things.

    And please don't pretend like there isn't a difference between a trans female and a cis female. There is a reason we have two different terms for it.

    For me, If someone was born with a penis, that makes me uncomfortable having sex with them. I accept them for who they are and I wish them luck in finding a significant other. I just don't want to have sex with them. End of story. I shouldn't have to go have sex with a transsexual person to prove how open-minded I am.

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Forthelulz says2015-03-15T03:52:33.113
It's a trap!
BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:37:42.947
I think i would be nice if they told them before dating