Should it be legal for women to stuff their bra

Asked by: Skinnyp
  • This is a no

    I say no because it is very insulting to me for when a female stuffs her bra if a male asks her to a date for example and he notices her bra is stuffed then she has lied and this is also very disrespectful to the females with natural large breasts trying to claim what they have

  • Is this a serious question?

    I can't help but imagine this is some idiotic troll venture. Of course it should be legal for women to stuff their bra, the same way it should be legal for a man to stuff a sock down his pants. Dishonest maybe, but to suggest a law against it is utter insanity.

    Posted by: SM29
  • Why is this even an issue?

    Pragmatically speaking, the police workforce is better off spent dealing with serious crimes like murder, rape and theft, and not on such trivial matters as what a woman has in her bra. How would they even go about doing that? By feeling up a woman and peeking into her bra? From the legal standpoint, that would be a gross violation of their (unalienable and/or constitutional) right to privacy.

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