• I think legalizing nudity would be a positive change to society

    Legalizing nudity would allow people go into public without clothes. People would have legal protection from sexual crimes (such as rape) that just like today. There could be obscenity laws that make disturbingly ugly people wear clothes. I don't mind seeing fat hairy people (I can even look away), but I'm saying disturbingly ugly people should have to wear clothes. For example, if people have to file complaints because they're extremely disturbed at someone's body, then someone should lose their nudity privileges. There could even be a set of rules about what's acceptable and not acceptable. For example, hygiene should be encouraged, but the extreme opposite should be a punishable offense. The clothes industry might suffer, but people are suffering from not being allowed to get naked outside. There're health benefits to legalizing nudity because it helps you see health problems sooner and understand them better. There're even some beauty benefits to nudity, such as lack of tan lines and perkier breasts. Kids see their own naked bodies everyday, so I think they wouldn't mind nudity being legal. When I was a kid, I can't remember a single time when I complained about seeing my naked body or someone else naked body. It was a treat and I loved it. Although, I can remember frequent times being frustrated and angry at anti-nudity laws as a kid.

  • Yes, it should be.

    We are born naked and when we grow up we are shamed to be naked in front of each others. That is absurd. Humans appear to be the only species on earth that consider their body to be offensive and needs to be hidden behind pieces of cloth. If it was legal for long enough people would become used to seeing others. It would promote a healthier view of the human body and there would be a major decrease in sexual assaults, if you don't agree its only because you are imagining how people right now would react if forced into this situation and not how it would be if its all you've ever known.

  • It 100% Natural

    Close is a necessity in most of the world. If you go down to the neo-tropics, Africa, Asia, and Oceania the native people are nude with something covering there privates. If I lived in like Northern Europe I might want to double layer most days of the year but if I'm in Aruba i Could be nude most days. We are taught that nudism is all bad, but its as natural as you can be.

  • Nude is Natural

    Yes it should be legal. Humans appear to be the only species that consider their body to be offensive and needs to be hidden behind pieces of cloth.
    There is no logical reason to have to cover our bodies. The requirement to do so is all in the mind of a minority. Mainly the religious right. Freedom of choice is the only answer. If somebody wants to wear clothes, that's fine let them. If somebody does not want to wear clothes, that's fine let them not wear them. If someone doesn't like what they see as they drive or walk by, then don't look. Nudity is natural. Besides, do those opposed know what is in the clothes they are wearing ? The clothing unless we are wearing hemp clothing, contain pesticides which do not wash out of our clothing but instead are absorbed by our bodies making us become ill and die. So, we as a civilized society which require the citizens to wear clothes, are actually killing our children and ourselves. If we were supposed to wear clothes, we would have been born with clothes. Besides, for all the bible thumpers who are opposed to public nudity...We are created in God's image, so how can his image be indecent ?

  • Yes it should

    The big question is, what is the harm? By criminalizing a non-violent act like simple nudity, we create more problems. Why put someone in jail for such a non-crime and contribute to prison overcrowding? That is just one of many reasons however and it comes down to the ridiculousness of outlawing the human body.

  • We humans don't need to rely on clothes for enternity

    For whatever the no's say, I think humans should become naked, don't rely on shirts any more.......

    1.For billions of years ago, humans are naked, they didn't even feel distracted.

    2.If you ever feel distracted, it's best to be naked, because humans can train themselves not to feel distracted, so today if you are naked, you will feel distracted, after 1000 years, everything is fine, humans know when and how to be distracted, not always, so we don't rely on clothes anymore.

    3. Back to nature, like i said, since the dawn of mankind, everyone is naked they don't feel distracted, but today, people feel distracted, and rely on clothes, what happens when the whole world's clothes are gone, humanity start to freak out?? All because humans cannot resist the SKINs, What the hell. So we should be naked, in order to train mankind not to rely on clothes, and please start to train yourselves .

  • I don't see why not.

    The freedom of expression in my country goes as far as a person wills it so long as it doesn't impede on the rights of another person, and being nude doesn't impede on the rights of those around the one who is nude.

    Secondly, women might benefit from being able to take their bras off in 90+ F weather.

    As a rebuttal to the current reasoning for the 'no' side, I shall pose a question: Do people still look ugly whether or not they have clothes on? Furthermore, would nudity make those who are already attractive, even more attractive?

  • Naked is a persons Natural and organic state of being.

    Children are taught the difference in girls and boys at a very early age. I feel by making being naked out to being a bad thing it gives the impression that something is wrong with their body because why should they hide if their bodies are not bad. I agree that Sex should not be around People under the age of consent but being Naked and Sex are two very different things. If You stopped Making our bodies out to being sexual It would be easier to believe that the person with in matters more then how fun it would be to have sex the person.

  • Yes, it should to be.

    We are born naked and when we grow up we are shaming to be naked in front of each others that is absurd and it may be related to order of world. Why is it shameful to be naked in public why are people hiding from it. It is a normal thing.

    Posted by: Ecce
  • Yes, it should to be.

    We are born naked and when we grow up we are shaming to be naked in front of each others that is absurd and it may be related to order of world. Why is it shameful to be naked in public why are people hiding from it. It is a normal thing.

    Posted by: Ecce
  • Ruin The Porn Industry.

    First off the porn industry would be ruined. If you could just lo around you for porn people would stop creating it.

    We also have the problem that children don't want to see giant, bald, wrinkly, raisin like 90 year olds strutting around the neighborhood like it's their own house!

    School would be more distracting... Not that i'd be against that one though.

    And finally, the clothing industry would be ruined, causing millions to be enemployed.

  • My Humble Observation ...

    The vast majority who want to go naked look like hairless Sharpei puppies! Hotties tend to keep their clothes on. Exhibitionists do not. Some are too fat. Others too thin. Wrinkled ones. Bald ones. Tatas touching the ground. It's like a gathering of creatures for a SciFi flick. The rest of America shouldn't have to suffer with that view!

  • This is complete ridiculousness.

    This is what we have nudist colonies for. If you want to be naked in public, go to a nudist colony. Not regular civilization. I feel bad for the children who are growing up in today's day and age. They are being set up to turn into nothing but a bunch of perverts. This is sickening.

  • Inappropriate for young children

    It is inappropriate, would u want a fat hairy guy jiggling down the street i think not. The little childrens will be scared for life. Just cuz u guys want to see a hot girl i bet thats never gonna happen there will only be fat guys and gals and i dont want that

  • Think of the innocent

    As a six year old child I was in California on a bike ride. We were riding along when we happened upon a naked man. He was just wandering around without any clothes on. It was a very awkward situation, I was with my dad and two little sisters. We tried to avoid looking at him, but didn't know where to go as we were heading back home and he was in the path. That memory will never leave my mind, it has scarred me forever and I can only hope no other child has to go through the same experience.
    No one with any morality wants to see naked people roaming the streets. We cannot expose our children to such profanity.

  • This is why we have nudist colonies

    Ok for one I have nothing against nudists because I understand that people who are nudists don't walk around naked to get attention but I still don't think that nudity should be legal in a public place because we already have nudist colonies and nude beaches for people who want to walk around naked in public. As for those of you who are saying that nudity harms nobody yes it doesn't do any physical harm that is true but that doesn't mean that public nudity is appropriate because for example swearing doesn't do any physical harm either but it's still inappropriate.

  • It's just plain indecent.

    Legalizing open nudity would go against human nature. We have a much higher level of thinking than other animals, hence we wear clothing. Running around with it all hanging out insults our own intelligence. We clothe ourselves for common decency, which is a concept that only humans have. If we lose this, we lose ourselves.

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Haroush says2014-02-21T20:46:06.247
I don't care who it is people don't need to be naked.