Should it be legal to kill someone if they are attempting to harm you?

Asked by: Councillor01
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MyDinosaurHands says2014-02-07T21:14:33.147
It depends on the level of pain.
MasturDbtor says2014-11-03T03:55:40.347
What sort of harm?

Pinching you? NO. Verbal abuse? Not unless this includes them holding a weapon or making a fist while shouting threats at your life.

If there is a credible threat to your life or the permanent functioning of your body (say someone is threatening to make you a parapelgic) then it should be legal.

You should try to incapacitate rather than kill them but in the heat of the moment defending yourself you may not have time to stop and think "where's the best place to strike so they will be unlikely to die but will still be incapacitated?" so that's more of something people should do but specifying it in law could lead to a lot of people who were just doing the best to defend themselves being criminalized.