Should It Be Legal to Sentence Criminals to Death?

Asked by: BlueSpark
  • We are NOT all human

    1. Reported and justice :
    - Eye for an eye, the death penalty can retribution to criminal.
    - The death penalty gives justice to victims.
    2. Miscarriage of justice
    - Judicial strict, thorough program is very low chance have miscarriage of justice.
    - Not only the death penalty have miscarriage of justice, so avoid way is not abolition the death penalty.
    3. Dogleg
    - Only the death penalty can forever isolation criminal
    - Life imprisonment still have chance came back to society.
    4. Public opinion
    - The death penalty have public opinion basis. The place citizen support the death penalty where here have it.
    5. Human rights
    - The death penalty have more conform humane than life imprisonment. It use anesthesia and unlisted.
    6. Victim
    - The death penalty can comfort families of victims.
    - Country can instead victims justice.
    7. Cost
    - Execute the death penalty is cost less than life imprisonment.
    8. Handle a case
    - The death penalty is tool to make criminal surrender negotiations. That is a apprehend tools.

  • We are NOT all human

    There are monsters disguised as humans that commit heinous crimes. Some of these crimes can never be justified. Capital Punishment May be the closest resemblance to justice out there. These monsters are like dogs, once they go off the deep end, the only thing left to do is put them down.

  • Yes it should be

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  • It depends on

    On what crime they committed if they killed people than they should die if they just robbed a bank they should go to jail and if they did something stupid like rob gummy bears from a dairy the they should be sent to do community service thats why it should exist

  • Yes, it should.

    It should be legal, but we also have to fix major flaws in our judicial system so that innocent people aren't given the death penalty. It should only be legal in cases where the defendant is guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    Some people, quite simply, don't deserve life. They aren't worth the taxpayer dollars that it takes to keep them (comfortable in a lot of cases) in prison. The price of keeping them on death row is also ridiculous, much more expensive than the price of a bullet.

  • I think that we should.

    Yes we are all human, but if say someone kills several people? Would we just let them out of jail later on, to possibly commit more crimes? The purpose of prison is to teach people not to do crimes again. If someone kills mutliple people, letting them suffer a lifetime in prison would be harmful to them and their mental system. It should really only be for really bad crimes, like murder or something like that.

  • The better option.

    Unless we can somehow cure a person from ever repeating the crime that put them on death row or a lifetime sentence, it would be irresponsible for us to ever let them out into society so the only responsible thing to do is never let them out alive. The only difference is the amount of time they are behind bars before leaving in a body bag. Because of suicide attemps made by prisoners, it sounds to me like the death penalty may be doing them a favor. What do you think is more humane, to have someone suffer for a long time before death or a short amount of time before death?
    If you ask me, giving them a quick painless death is too good for many of them because it is far less than what they deserve. If it was up to me, their remaining years would be far worse. They would be paralyzed so they can not act on their own. Then they would be fitted with hoses to take nutriens in and waist out. Then they would be placed in drawers fitted with sprayers to remove dirt from their bodies and left there without any human contact till they die at some point in the future. Basically, their entire existence would nothing but that small completely dark space conscious of every moment.
    There would also be benefits to such a punishment. First off, if someone knew that this would could be their fate, it may act as a huge deterrent in the first place. Secondly, seeing that there is no interaction with others, there will never be any of the crimes associated with prison life like rape. Another bonus to the lack of movement is prisoners would take up far less space and need almost no supervision. No more large reinforced facilities manned by troupes of guards but instead just much smaller buildings lined with morgue like drawers and only enough staff to put individual prisoners in and to remove the dead bodies after. About the only guard staff that would be needed is to prevent others from breaking them out. Thing is, even trying to break them out would be useless. After all, they are already permanently paralyzed so the only thing you would do is change the view of the world they have and force yourself to take care of their needs yourself.
    Unfortunately, even this idea has issues. First off, the "What if they are actually innocent?" That being the case, any punishment at all would be wrong just in they are innocent and yet we can't go on with society if no punishment is ever handed out. The second issue are those people who cry about humane treatment would complain that it is just too inhumane. If we let them have their way, prisons would have all the comforts of home instead of what they actually deserve.

  • Innocent people have died

    Innocent people have died because of stupid laws. WE should help victims not kill them. The death penalty doesn't deter anyone from committing crimes, laws should be made to prevent crime, a law that encourages violence and death is just stupid. Comfort is a low goal we should not strive to achieve!

  • I would have to say no.

    I admit that nearly half of them are so evil that they might as well never existed but the thing is, they are also human. They grow up like us but just have a damaged life. Most criminals have a haunted past that is why they even started the crime in the first place. Worse yet, they are actually some people who are wrongly accused maybe because of lack of evidence or just corruption behind the scenes of the law. Rather than killing them off, it would be better to let them suffer in the locked cage for eternity than killing them off so they would slowly reflect (or not) on their actions.

  • We should be civil

    Aside from the risk of killing innocent people, we need to be better than the criminals. Killing them is just petty emotional revenge. Additionally, they could also be far more useful alive. Personally, I find it extremely concerning how there are so many people who wish death upon complete strangers.

  • We Are All Human.

    I believe that death row inmates are human too... Not exactly ones we would put in a room full of vulnerable people, but they still are part of humanity. Some people on death row (as in, very few) are falsely convicted. And I wouldn't want to risk an innocent life. Meh... Just me rambling again! But if an inmate was really dangerous... I would want to help them. Not kill them.

    I am just weird like that.

  • While euthanasia is prohibited in most of the US states,

    Death penalty stays legal! If we kill people for their crimes, we are killing for our own satisfaction, nothing else, and not because they are still a danger for the population. But then what are jails for?! And another point is that we are punishing with what we are punishing them for. It's like a mother who slaps his child because he hurted a friend! What I propose, because many people say they would rather die than living in jail : let them choose!

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