Should it be legal to use torture to obtain information?

  • We're already using it.

    As a nation, we've already let our elected officials decide the answer for us, so I have to say that not only should it be legal to use torture, it already is. Look, it's horrifying I know, but we're already a morally bankrupt nation so torturing a few friends of Mohammad to find out what the bad guys plan to blow up next should not be considered a really big deal.

  • Yes we should

    If we have a terrorist cell in the area and we know that there are involved with them. Then we should have to be able to use any means necessary to get the information from. I would rather have one man torture than have thousands or civilians dead in the country.

  • It should not be legal to use torture to obtain information.

    It should not be legal to use torture to obtain information. I think the use of torture is not right and should never be used. However, as much as I believe that, what if there was a terrorist that was going to blow something up, how else would we get the information needed to save hundreds or millions of lives? So I do see both sides of the issue. However, torture should not be used just for punishment.

  • No it should not.

    I do not think it should be legal to use torture as a way to obtain information, I would like to think as a country we are above that and are willing to find other ways to get our information. I am sure there is other ways to be persuasive without scaring someone.

  • No Torture for Information

    Torture shouldn't be allowed even in order to acquire information. The United States has tortured terrorists for information, but such actions were highly unethical and unjust. We shouldn't torture other human beings in order to acquire information for any purpose. Techniques that don't cause physical and mental harm should be used.

  • Torture Is Not Okay

    I do not believe it should be legal to use torture to obtain information. No one wants to be tortured and no one should be tortured. Allowing torture for someone else, is essentially saying it is okay for someone else to torture you. No one wants to agree to these terms, when they really think about it.

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