Should Ivanka Trump's businesses follow the maternity leave standards that Donald Trump proposes in his candidacy?

  • Yes, it should.

    It's not a perfect plan, but if Donald Trump really believes in it, she should use the plan at her company. Especially if she supports her husbands plan. At any rate, maternity leave is a good thing and it is neccesary for everyone to have and people should be given it.

  • Any heavy influence and presence in his campaign should follow the standard in the Republican platform.

    I am no supporter of Trump, but from what I understand Ivanka is more liberal on her maternity leave guidelines than the Republican Party traditionally is. She spoke a lot about income inequality of women at the Republican Convention, and that's not something you typically hear from the GOP. Ivanka is at the forefront of her dad's campaign speaking on these issues. She brought them to light in the first place, so I am sure she already does abide by it in her businesses.

  • No, she should not.

    Ivanka said she wanted to be close "to enact the childcare program". Is Ivanka one of Trump's candidates for Cabinet? How nice of Ivanka to return from he European holiday with Putin's girlfriend ( She left her infant child at home ) to discuss Maternity Leave and ChildCare . Someone should have told her that Secretary Clinton release a superior plan many months ago .
    Maybe when Melania has her press conference about immigration , Ivanka can join her to discuss the lawsuit alleging that she copied other designer's shoes.

  • Can't we do better than lunacy?

    It would be in the best interest for any business, and maternity leave standards, to have a clearly defined plan that provides care and support for those partaking of leave. Mr. Trump has blurted out some wonderful stump speech sound bytes but is probably well short of any clear and actionable plan.

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