• Yes, then it can be regulated

    If Jamaica legalizes marijuana it could create jobs for people there. It could also make selling and purchasing it a safer more regulated process. The public could be more educated about risks for using the drug and more research can be done about it there. Plus, I'm sure the government can find a way to profit as well.

  • Yes, Jamaica should make marijuana legal for tourists.

    Public support for the legalization of marijuana is growing, and the stigma with being a country where it is legal is growing smaller. If nothing else legalizing marijuana for tourists is sure to boost the tourism industry in Jamaica, much like it did for Amsterdam. Taxes and other revenue are sure to increase as well.

  • Yes, Jamaica should make marijuana legal for tourists.

    Many people have been flocking to Colorado to enjoy recreational marijuana since the state decriminalized the drug. Jamaica should make marijuana legal for tourists if the country believes it will boost tourism revenue. Many tourists would be interested in visiting Jamaica to purchase recreational marijuana. Legalizing marijuana for visitors could be a boon for the country's economy.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal for tourists in Jamaica.

    Yes, it should be legal for tourists because it's legal for residents. If the residents of the island can use marijuana, people visiting the island should be able to use it legally. Jamaica should make it legal for tourists not only because it's legal for the residents already, but because it can be a big revenue booster for the country. It all comes down to a money.

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