Should Jerusalem become it's own city-state?

Asked by: tommytom
  • With Palestine and Israel as two separate states, Jerusalem as a city-state is the best solution in my opinion.

    I ultimately believe that the only way we will be able to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is through compromise regarding some of the biggest perpetrators of the conflict, such as claim over Jerusalem. I believe that the most fair way to accomplish a solution regarding Jerusalem is to allow it to be it's own city-state. Perhaps it could be ruled by a democratic triumvirate, representing each of the major Abrahamic religions (I believe those are the only 3 that care about Jerusalem), and a council? I am sure that both sides will complain, and one or the other may even use lethal force. I would suggest a treaty stating that neither countries are allowed to claim it and that they must recognize it's independence, and that they should do their best to defend it from other enemies. Should one of the countries invade anyway, I'm sure Allies of the other would protect Jerusalem. Of course, lots of this is very theoretical and hypothetical, however I believe it will ultimately be the best solution for the Jerusalem conflict.

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