• Yes jewlery should be banned.

    Yes jewlery shoul be banned. One reason is because it can be distracting. Also becauseit can get lost. For example my friend had a shark tooth and it got lost. Another reason is because someone can steel it. The last reason is because someone can brag. For this reason jewlery should be banned from school.

  • Really... Most of the time its a junk piece of metal

    Jewelry to women and girls is like video games to men. I think jewelry should be allowed because it gives you something important to have with you all day if you get home sick. It is a fashion statement to all women. There is no reason it should be banned from school unless there is a huge issue.

  • No it should not

    I do not think that jewellery should be banned in school because it is scientifically proven that certain colours are worn to lighten the mood or enhance creativity.Jewellery is also is usually the first thing someone else notices and it could give the other person the impression that you like certain jewellery more than other.

  • No, it should not.

    One reason being is that jewelry should not banned because jewelry can be worn on everyday, not ever! I think that jewelry should in school because I personally think of all the others that want to wear jewelry, and someone says,"Oh, no, you can't wear that." Do you want jewelry to be in school or out? I'd say in school. What do think?

  • It depends on the situation

    This depends on how safe the school is. If the school is known for violence and crimes then yes because the jewelry would get stolen. Otherwise, if the school is safe and and has a good reputation of people not having their things stolen then jewelry should not be banned.

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