• Yes, he should have

    If that is who the people have elected, than yes he should have won the election. It does not matter what past experience he may or may not have, that is the beauty of the democracy. The people are allowed to vote for anybody they see fit. So it goes.

  • Johannesson plays an important role as the president of Iceland.

    Mr Johannesson being an expert on political history, diplomacy and the constitution, would have an important role to play as President of Iceland. Though he has not specified which political party he supports and though the presidency in Iceland is mostly a ceremonial post, Johannesson has won the elections after the Panama Papers scandal which compelled the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson.

  • Guðni Jóhannesson wins Iceland’s presidential election

    Guðni Jóhannesson, a history professor, has won Iceland’s presidential election in a vote held in the aftermath of the Panama Papers leak in April, which implicated several top Icelandic officials.

    The political newcomer only decided to run for the presidency after the leak, and rode a wave of anti-establishment sentiment, emphasising his non-partisan, independent vision of the presidency.

    Jóhannesson’s victory, won with 39.1% of the vote, came as he celebrated his 48th birthday on Sunday.

  • Yes, he should have won the presidential election in Iceland.

    Johannesson has the potential to make a good president for Iceland. Johannesson is a history professor which should provide him with a strong back ground to be the leader of Iceland. Many underestimate the importance of being knowledgeable about history: history tends to repeat itself. Therefore, Johannesson's background as a historian should make him an interesting pick for president.

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