Should Jon Stewart run for president (or another political office)?

  • Worth looking into

    I must start with the preface: I do love Jon Stewart.
    Having said that, I don't know that I would necessarily vote for him out of hand, but I would lean that way. I seem to know where he would stand on issues, but even though I love him, he might be too far left. We need moderates back, not a leftist fanatic. Not saying that Jon would be, but I could see that happening. If it were a moderate Jon Stewart, sure, I would likely vote for him.

  • Please Jon Run

    I personally cannot think of a single candidate that could inspire an entire generation to get involved in an election like a Stewart candidacy. Obama was walking out of arenas in 08 like a rockstar, think of the crowds Stewart would draw..And the enthusiasm he would generate. Please Jon run

  • Jon Stewart should run for president 2016.

    In the political arena in which we currently find ourselves, people like Donald Trump are running away with the polls. If a man who's only skill or policy is to speak in hateful terms and demean other candidates can influence us, then a man like Mr. Stewart can sweep the floor with this race!

  • Senator Jon Stewart

    He wouldn't be the first entertainer turned politician. At least with him, he's already respected for his perspectives on the current politics. Imagine if just a half of his audience supported him. He's been in the public spotlight long enough that we know where he stands on issues. I don't expect one guy to fix the government but at least maybe he can get the younger generation to pay attention to the policies.

  • Give Jon Stewart a Chance

    I think Jon Stewart should be given a chance to run for office of his choosing. If he bring new and refreshing ideas to the country then we should give him a chance. America is looking for someone who is different from the normal politician. I think Jon Stewart could do some good to this country.

  • Up to him

    Whether or not this man runs for president, or another political office is completely up to him, and if he thinks he has a chance to get the votes to win then he should give it a shot. Jon is a smart man when it comes to politics, and is popular.

  • Yes, if Republicans and Democrats can't fix things, maybe Jon can.

    I seriously think Jon Stewart should run for President. His political savvy, quick wit, and intolerance of pointless political rhetoric might possibly be what this country needs. Our current politicians have become finger pointing, name calling kindergarteners who have completely lost sight of the fact that they were elected to serve their constituents and preserve our freedoms and quality of life for future generations.

  • Of course not.

    John Stewart is a comedian. He has a good understanding of politics, but he's also my primary source of news. I don't want him to have to give up his show in order to be president. I'm sure he'd make a great president, but I prefer him where he is right now.

  • Stay Where He IS

    Jon Stewart is an American political satirist, writer, director, television host, actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian (Wikipedia). I do not believe Jon Stewart should run for president or any other political office. He is firmly working in the entertainment industry and many people enjoy the entertainment he provides. Secondly, he has not actual political experience, so a bid for presidency wouldn't be a good option for him.

  • He is too funny.

    No, Jon Stewart should not run for president, because he is a funny comedian, and he should stick with what he does best. Stewart is a funny comedian. He would not be taken seriously as a politician. He would also have to take sides on political issues, which would make him lose a lot of his audience.

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