Should JonBenet Ramsey's homicide be regarded as one of the most baffling unsolved crimes in America?

  • Yes, so many conflicting stories.

    It was just unbelievable at the time that a little girl with so much to support her in life would have come to this kind of end. And parents who would let her enter beauty pageants and be exploited that way seemed likely culprits. But the mom died of cancer and someone else confessed, but there is still a shadow of doubt over the whole case.

  • JonBenet Ramsey's homicide

    I personally think that JonBenet Ramsey's homicide has been regarded as one of the most baffling unsolved crimes in America because I felt like that had the evidence they just did not go after the person. I personally that JonBenet Ramsey's homicide was not worth not being solved because that person could have been going around doing that to other people.

  • It was notorious.

    Yes, JonBenet Ramsey's homicide should be regarded as one of the most baffling unsolved crimes in America, because with all the attention that the case received, law enforcement could still not figure out who was responsible. Ramsey had the finest in law enforcement, and there was evidence, but no one was ever arrested.

  • There are many more baffling unsolved crimes. I believe the parents know who did it.

    JonBenet Ramsey's murder was tragic, but I believe it was made even more tragic by the lack of honestly by the family. I refuse to believe that someone in the family did not do it themselves, or know who did. But somehow they were never caught. I think murders like the Black Dahlia are much more intriguing than this murder.

  • Just very disturbing

    JonBenet's murder was incredibly disturbing both because it involved the rape and murder of a child and the fact that she performed in child beauty paegants, themselves incredibly creepy. Though the parents were exonerated, and John Mark Carr was shown to not be the murderer, there are still more confusing unsolved crimes.

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