• He should continue leaking documents.

    I believe that Julian Assange has a right to leak documents as long as they do not harm the masses, the people he wants to protect and empower. He sees that there is much deception and corruption among those with power, and he just wants to reveal the truth to everyone.

  • Julian Assange should continue leaking documents

    Julian Assange should continue leaking documents as part of his effort of the WikiLeaks project. It is imperative that the world know what is going on and what secrets are being kept from us that affect each and everyone of us. Too many secrets are kept from the people. It is time we know what is going on.

  • The Irrelevance of Julian Assange

    Julian Assange, famous from the Wikileaks media, continues to leak documents to the world, despite that most of them now are irrelevant and are often seen as his way of seeking attention. The fact that he has ruined any shred of credibility for himself in regards to the rape scandal attached to his name and subsequent exile. goes to further highlight that a lot of his decisions are made to keep his name in the news and to continue to give him relevancy--even when the topics that he releases are old and highlight no new information in regards to the topics that they speak of.

  • No, Julian Assange should not continue leaking documents.

    Julian Assange has put many countries in danger by divulging sensitive, top-secret information though Wikileaks. Furthermore, Assange should not be allowed to stay in an Embassy indefinitely. He should be arrested and tried for spying by the United States and other countries that he stole documents from. In short, Julian Assange should not continue leaking documents.

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