• Horse Jumping (Animal Cruelty)

    Horses are often drugged by there trainers, anabolic steroids to make the horse run faster and become stronger, and narcotic analgesics as a pain relief when horses are suffering from injury. Other than the sport being very dangerous, if a horse sustains an injury that horse is replaced and sent to the knackery. The knackery is where retired or injured horses are sent to be killed. In the eyes of racing industry if you can't make them money by racing then you are no value. This is a disgusting approach, for every 1000 horses bred for racing only 300 actually see the race track, the rest are sold and killed.

  • Yes, it is dangerous.

    Yes, jumps racing in Australia should be banned, because it is rather dangerous. There are safer forms of entertainment that people can engage in. Horse racing of this type is dangerous because the jumps are not flexible. When the horse brushes them, they do not collapse, and the horse and rider can get hurt.

  • Jumping Hurts Horses

    Jumps racing should be banned in Australia because the jumping and racing aspects of the sport hurts horses more than it edifies them. Any kind of horse racing for sport can be labeled animal cruelty for the wear and tear it puts on thoroughbred horses. Using animals simply for betting purposes or making money isn't a justifiable way to humanely treat beasts of burden.

  • Horse jumping is cool

    Horses need to be pushed to get a good performance out of them and if they get hurt that's just part of the sport. We eat animals, whip them, make them work for us so what's the difference? I think the danger adds to it being cool. I think jumping is exciting.

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