• No, what gives the government the right?

    According to Thomas Jefferson, one of the most prominent members in the history of our nation, "my reading of history convinces me that most bad government results in too much government." We uphold the 1st amendment in our constitution to provide us with freedom of speech and the press. This provision extends to communities, businesses, and individuals. The first amendment is a right that should never be suppressed in any case except for libel and slander. Controlling how advertisements operate imposes on companies right's. If we allow government to begin controlling advertisement, we then must consider to what extent the government can then control these corporations and what other companies the government can soon begin regulating. Our society works on the principal of hand off government in terms of business. Advertisements which target children to influence their desire for a product many be detrimental to their food choices, but the company is not imposing this desire. It is all based upon the parents and the children. I definitely agree that the way companies describe their products can influence kids and adults to purchase the product, but this is entirely subjective. It is a company's right to advertise to remain in business and the consumer’s right to choose. No matter if an advertisement targets kids or adults, government ban on advertisements would not protect people from threat. It would only change the way people are subjected to lifestyle choices. Government does not have the right to enact such a ban and such a ban would breach the ideals of our nation we have been relying on since the 18th century.

    Posted by: zaki
  • It's parents that stops kids from over indulging not commercials

    By not allowing certain commercials to air toward a certain group of people you start down a slippery slope of who can and cannot have advertising aimed at them. I watch late night TV, should I be offended or disallowed to see the men advertisements for Viagra? Yes, I know- children are young and susceptible to what they see on TV- I'm not advocating parents filling kids full of junk food. I'm not advocating that kids even seek out junk food, all I'm saying is that by not allowing advertising of junk food to children, that it's kind of starting that "who can view and who can't view" kind of media decision making. In the end it's the parents who decide to buy or not buy the junk food. And if "children" are old enough to buy their own snacks, seeing ads or not won't make them decide-- their sweet tooths will. If parents or guardians don't teach the value of moderation and good health, that's not an advertiser's fault.

  • No, junk food should not be promoted

    Granted the companies producing this trash don't care and want everybody consuming it, but ideally only adults with some amount of impulse control would be able to get their hands on it. Kids don't care about the long term consequences of eating junk food all the time, and for that reason the amount they're made aware of it should be limited.

  • Ban Junk Food Advertisements

    It makes children think that it is alright to eat unhealthy foods and when they eat it they become obese. Obesity can lead to many differrent illnesses too. It can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and having a stroke. People die from these things and it all starts from eating junk food.

  • No to junk food advertising

    Junk food advertising on television, is this beneficial? Who is really benefiting from this advertising and who is being affected? Is it what the future generations of this country need to be exposed to?
    Junk food is food that is of little nutritional value and often high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. This type of food can be highly addictive, enjoyable and very appealing. But it has no real value for our bodies.
    I strongly believe junk food should have no place and no mention on television. Junk food should not be advertised on television.

  • In America? Not at all.

    The United States of America is already one of the most overweight nations in the entire world. I even wonder why we still process fattening foods in the first place. Imagine how much healthier the world would be without those foods... Besides. Look at the sweets of nature, like fruits.

  • No we have to many unhealthy kids

    Junk food should not be advertised to children any more than smoking or drinking should be. It's up to parents to allow kids to eat what they want in their own homes but having kids see ads for junk food all the time is unfair.

    They watch ads targeted towards them with cute pitches that make the snacks look like fun as well as being loaded with sugar or salt, it's unfair to kids because they are still learning how the world works and are unable to process how bad these items are for them.

  • No. It is wrong morally.

    I think companies technically have the right to market as they wish, but I also believe that it is fundamentally wrong to try to coerce children, who are young and impressionable, into wanting food that is bad for them. We cannot shield children forever, but companies have a moral obligation not to be so under-handed and so manipulative.

  • No, junk food should be advertised to children?

    There might be some people arguing that junk food advertisement should be allowed to children and children should learn about the harmful effects of junk food and decide to eat it or not. Theoretically it sounds reasonable. But we should not forget that children are easily enticed to the things pleasing to them because their thought has not grown mature yet. The harmful effects of junk food is too costly for the children to practice wise use of their freedom.

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