• It is danger for health

    Many kinds of diseases are caused due to junk food like heart attack,cancer ,food poison,memory loss etc.
    Junk food causes malnutrition.
    Junk food is high in calories.
    We need sodium in our daily diet but only about 1500. And junk food contain high amount of sodium which can cause high blood pressure

  • It is bad for you!

    Junk food can make gain weight and 66% of people are over weighted because of this.Even though it taste nice it has a lot of chemicals in it . Even though i think it should be banned i think you are allowed to have junk food but have a creten amount.

  • Junk Food is BAD

    Junk food should be banned, IN MODERATION, for example, the government banned smoking of all kinds in public places, so the government should also ban junk food in schools as it is detrimental to children's education, and can cause them to be hyperactive, and overexcited, damaging other children's education. Just as smoking is banned, because it damages the partaker, and the bystanders, meaning anyone within the vicinity is affected by the harmful smoke, like the harmful hyperactivity.

  • It's a stupid idea.

    If we banned junk food than a lot of companies would go out of business and a lot of people would be out of a job. It happened with Twinkies. Imagine if it happened to a place like McDonald's.
    It does make you fat but that's a stupid reason to ban it.

  • Because it's unnecessary.

    1:if we banned junk food than a lot of companies would go out of business and a lot of people would be out of a job. It happened with Twinkies. Imagine if it happened to a place like McDonald's.
    2:yes it can make you fat but only if you eat enough of it to do that. Just about anything will make you fat if you eat too much, junk food just does it faster. A single meal will not kill you if you're hungry. Ten of them won't kill you if you're eating just to eat.
    3:people are sucking free will out of the world. They're sucking out the right to choose, which is what makes us individual and special(liberals are like kings of irony). This is just another example.

  • No way jose

    Firstly if we ban it then more animals will live and we have no space for them to stay and we can't just kill them for nothing can we? 2. I eat a lot and I'm still healthy and sporty, I really am. 3. People should have the right to choose what to eat and what not to eat!

  • No we have a right to choose what we eat

    The idea of banning junk food simply because there are people in the world that abuse the right to have it does not make sense. If I want to eat junk food I should have the right to. Educate me on the effects and then let me decide. Taking away my right to choose is not how I want to live.

  • Health Awareness - Keep Junk Food

    I believe that junk food should not be banned, for the following reasons.
    1. Children learn from there mistakes and banning junk food is not going to help them in learning. Instead we should be educating children at school about the dangers of eating too much junk food.
    2. Even if kids don't eat junk food, telling them it's banned can get them upset.
    3. Junk food is supplied in many tuck shops and canteens, and if this is banned, budgets and schools income in money will go down.

  • No, junk food should not be banned.

    Any food in moderation can be okay for you, or at least not detrimental to your health. I don't think that junk food should be banned because even though it isn't good for you, people should have the right to eat whatever they want. Really, people should not consume so much junk food, but I don't think they should be restricted in any way.

  • No, junk food shouldnt be banned.

    Yes, I think junk food should be eaten in moderation, but to tell the people they don't have their right to eat a little junk is going too far. We are supposed to live in a free country with free will. If junk food is banned, it's like telling us we are too stupid to make the right decision on how to eat.

  • All About Free Choice

    People has to have freedom of choice. It could be about eating habits or even suicide. Nobody's really anybody's mentor or guru to follow their orders. We have mind of our own and we have to use it.
    Once's choice and unfortunate outcome of that choice shouldn't be used to limit somebody else's freedom.
    If one eats junk food in extreme without thinking of consequences it's his wrongdoing, and has nothing to do with one another's freedom to enjoy a burger once in a while.

  • Don't punish everybody

    Some people are capable of buying a bag of Cheetos every few months and limiting it to that. They shouldn't be punished, that kind of trash is delicious if you only eat it every now and then. People that can control the urge shouldn't be punished by slobs that can't stop shoveling it in their face.

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