• Junk food should not be banned.

    Although junk food is bad for us, we should all have the
    right to choose whether or not to eat it.
    The beauty of America is that we have freedom of religion, freedom of
    speech, and freedom of choice. If people
    are free to smoke cigarettes, they should be free to eat junk food.

  • The Darwinism theary

    The human race has passed natural selection and this means that these people that should be gone or motivated to improve there health for the next generation. If we allow the kids of are nation to stay under developed who will lead the nation. We will not evolve with the world if we don't chose strong people to adapte to the world

  • No you shouldn't

    You shouldn't because everyone needs a little treat now and then and how will they if they have no junk food to eat. Everyone works hard, i bet you do and if you had a long day at school/work you would want a little treat to get the body feeling alive

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