• This will never happen

    "Junk food" is a word that can mean a lot of foods and snacks but considering pretty much everyone in the country eats sugary items and things that are unhealthy people will not support this and will make their own unhealthy foods this would also eliminate a huge industry and people would lose jobs

  • Yes it should

    I agree it's unhealthy, but eating unhealthy doesn't mean you are unhealthy, junk food is not the problem to unhealthy living, it is people and their choices, but as people we have the right to choose. Junk food can be bad, but it can be a good thing as a simple taste of satisfaction. Junk food doesn't make unhealthy people, the person themselves does.

  • It's an unhealthy choice.

    Junk food is very unhealthy. We all know that. So why are people still selling, buying, and eating junk food? To encourage people to stop eating junk food, the only way to do that is to stop selling it all together. When junk food is gone, it forces people to make their own food, which is much healthier.

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