• No one will serve unless it is compulsory

    If jury system is optional, majority of the people opt not to attend. In the case of South Korea, jury system is optional. What happens is that majority of the potential jurors ignore their summons and simply do not show up on the day, which delays court processes. To tackle this, the Supreme Court of South Korea is considering a penalty system for jurors who abandon their service. Jury system should not be optional to ensure attendance.

  • No more jury duty

    There should be professional jurors on cases, not random people with lives to attend to. It's as simple as finding people with who work in with law and have court knowledge. It is an inconvenience to people who already have a lot going on and should be optional not forced. Maybe then there won't be so many frustrated people and might be more willing to show up.

  • Jury Duty is a civil Duty

    The Law is needed yes. BUT jury duty is only a civic duty because the Law makes it so. They say its your required duty. I say its best everyone gets 1 fellony so then no one will ever have to attend. What then? Already nearly 80 percent of our population has been arrested at one time in their life. So the law can be absured once in a while. As you cant do this or that. But thats fine no one thought that if everyone is a criminal then one wont ever have to appear in jury service again. So please keep throwing the book at us as we hate jury service and wont have to attened anymore.

  • Yes, make it optional

    If I'm on trial for my life, the last thing I want is a jury full of people who don't want to be there.
    If I'm forced unto a jury I will vote for what ever gets me out of there the fastest.
    What's with the stupid word count? Nothing else to say.

  • Yes, make it optional

    If I'm on trial for my life, the last thing I want is a jury full of people who don't want to be there.
    If I'm forced unto a jury I will vote for what ever gets me out of there the fastest.
    What's with the stupid word count? Nothing else to say.

  • People have lives

    I for one agree that Jury duty should be made optional,because,what if someone has fallen ill,or a member of the jury has to take care of a relative who has fallen ill? N0 one should have to suffer something like that. I say,court should be decided between a Judge,a council,and a person put on trial,and their lawyer.

  • It should be optional. People have lives to live and things tk do other than waste time on a jury.

    Personally It is stupid. No one should be forced to have to go, forcing people to show up is just going to make it even more likely that people are not going to give a damn enough to make a right choice. Plus think about the situations of others. Some are in school, don't work or have any means of transportation. No one wants to attend jury duty because they don't have the time or don't care. This kind of thing should be left to law professionals. Or at least allow it to be turned down or not responded to without being threatened by a fine.

  • 13th Amendment violation

    It's involuntary servitude, which is clearly outlawed in the 13th Amendment. The gov could have voluntary jury, much like a voluntary military. "Civic duty" is a slogan, much like "fair share" or "land of the free." The 13th Amendment: "“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

  • This is a free country but I'm forced to serve the government?

    I'm an American citizen, not an American subject! The government has no right to tell me where to go or when or demand anything from me or anyone else. If they need jurors, ask someones permission if they'd like to serve! They have no right to be able to cherry pick people in society, since when is my time at their disposal? This is just the government being a bully. They have might but it doesn't make them right! Military service is voluntary and that systems works quite well. In conclusion, the government has no right to impose it's will on the American people just because they feel like it and think they can get away with it! Ask for volunteers, I'm sure the courts will not suffer by doing the right thing by asking instead of acting like the socialists they are and forcing people to do their bidding.

  • Yes it should be optional

    I have 0% belief in the system I been recalled again writhing 2 years so I can refuse this one but I was so offended I got summoned to do it my blood was boiling I was in a foul mood for weeks after even when I was there the first time I suffer from depression and anxiety and was worried that I would get in trouble if they did not believe me came close to having a couple panic attacks when I was there I felt like I had no rights and they treat you like a criminal making you question yourself in your mined who the criminal really is you feel worthless and when I was sat there sewicide was considered to get out of it that's genuinely how I felt about it some people would love to do jury duty but I don't and many others don't so it needs to be made optional

  • The State/Justice System isn't entitled to your labor.

    Jury duty should be a choice NOT an obligation. Not everyone agrees with the justice system which is a key reason why it should be voluntary. Also you CAN'T necessarily change the system from the inside. If it's forced chances are it's corrupt and not subject to change inherently. The judges and lawyers are there voluntarily so why should the jurors be any different? An involuntary juror may not be as motivated as a voluntary juror to make the right choice by the way.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-10-20T14:52:47.310
Jury's are kind of optional, don't vote you can't be selected.