• Juvenile's Should Be Tried As Adults

    I believe our juvenile justice system is a good way to give children a second chance, but many times children don't see it as a second chance, but rather permission to commit crimes. I believe it is a good idea to try juveniles as an adult, when they have a track record in the juvenile system.

  • Juveniles should be tried as adults.

    Juveniles should be tried as adults. If they are capable of doing something that horrible then they should expect the consequences of their actions. I do not think it is fair that age has anything to do with the court system when they are found guilty of their actions and should be sentenced like everyone else.

  • For certain crimes, juveniles should be tried as adults.

    Depending on the age and nature of the crime I believe that juveniles should be tried as adults. At 12 years old I was capable of understanding the consequences of my actions and the same is true of any other young kid. They use their age as a weapon to get out of punishment

  • If an they commit an adult crime then they should do adult time

    Yes. At a certain point in life, we, even children, know what is right and wrong. If a child is capable of sitting down and planning a crime that in some case could match an adult, then he or she should be charged as such. Many times children do crimes because they know that because they are a minor they will get off with a slap on the hand. Charging them appropriately will deter them and others from doing the action again.

  • Yes, at certain times

    I used to think they shouldn't but have recently begun to realize that teaching a juvenile that they should get easy treatment because they are not responsible for their actions when they are young does not really prepare them for the real world. We tend to try juveniles as adults when their crime is so severe that we think it must be harshly punished. But if a juvenile steals a book from the library that is theft, and we should not give a soft punishment because that juvenile is young. Theft in the adult world is a serious offence and the juvenile may as well learn that earlier than later.

  • Juveniles Shouldn't Get a Slap on the Wrist

    When people think there are no repercussions for wrong actions, they tend to do wrong. By the time criminals become adults, it is often already too late to rehabilitate them. If you punish a juvenile with adult time or punishment, you will send a stronger message to their little brains that they won't get away with bad behavior.

  • Yes

    Yes in many cases I do think that juveniles should be tried as adults, especially in cases of murder. If a juvenile is close to adult age and commits a lesser crime, then they too should be tried as adults. I often times think that some juveniles are just beyond rehabilitation and prison is the only good place for them.

  • In isolated cases only

    There are some heinous acts committed by juveniles at are deserving of being tried as an adult. At a certain point the developing mind cannot be used as an excuse, brutal murders and the like need to be treated like what they are. Juveniles deserve some slack and shouldn't have the book thrown at them to prove a point all the time, but there are scenarios that treating them like an adult is needed.

  • A juvenile's take

    I am a juvenile but am perfectly capable of understanding the consequences of my actions and comprehending what a crime is or not. And I believe so us every other juvenile . Juveniles should definitely be tried as adults. They can understand what crime warrants which punishment and if they commit a crime nevertheless, then we shouldn't hesitate in trying them as adults.

  • Yes. Juveniles should be tried as adults

    We think that juveniles should be tried as adults because if there are manly enough to do what they did then they should be manly enough to be in prison. Say that they commit murder that should not be taken lightly, they should take charge and lock them up. Bye

  • My Own Experiences

    I am a Juvenile and currently going through the court system right now, I was taken from my family and put in Detention multiple times, and tried as an adult, I agree, we should be tried as adults, but we shouldn't have the exact same punishments as one depending on what the crime was, I used my age to talk my way out of it and said I didn't know better when I actually did, and now Im in a program because they realized that was an excuse and I'm close to going home and being with my family again. I think yes because if I were to go out and murder somebody, would you want me to have a tiny consequence that a child would get and be able to come back in 2 months and kill someone again? I doubt that, you'd want me to be away for quite some time until I learned not to do something like that again. Age should not determine the punishment but it should determine the severity.

  • Juvenile crime does not call for serious time

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  • Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults

    No, juveniles should not be tried as adults. Juveniles lack a fully developed brain and a fully developed mind. As such, they are not capable of understanding risk and consequence, right and wrong as are adults. To try juveniles as adults would therefore be wrong. Thus, juveniles should not be tried as adults.

  • Only in Extreme Cases

    Only in extreme cases such as first degree murder, rape, incest or terrorism should juveniles be tried as adults. Even then, there should be a minimum age limit such as 13 in which kids should withstand a normal criminal trial. In general, kids should be tried in juvenile courts as defined by each state because they are just children.

  • No, juveniles should be tried as juveniles.

    Juveniles are juveniles, and they should be treated as juveniles. If a mentally disabled person commits a crime, they get less punishment than a normal person who committed the. Just because the crime is the same, doesn't mean the penalty should be. Furthermore, juveniles go through puberty, which can make them make the wrong judgements. During puberty, adolescents experience mood swings, low self esteem, low tolerance, etc... They act instinctively to their surroundings. Also, teens are easily influenced and pressured. For instance, teenagers are often peer pressured to participate in illegal activities, such as drugs or shoplifting. I say rehabilitation is the answer. It is not only good to the criminals, but also beneficial to the society. It would be better for the community to have a person from rehab than a person who has spent their whole life in jail. Therefore, juveniles should not be tried as adults.

  • Kids are kids...

    Children under 18 should not be tried as adults
    It is critical to the successful future of our society that we refrain from the poor decision of trying juveniles under the age of 18 as adults.
    Key arguments:
    Kids make mistakes, it is part of growing up, as their brains are not fully developed at this point.
    “Even mature young people will often revert to more child-like and impulsive decision-making processes under extreme pressure.”(
    “Kids do dumb things.”(Stimson) and “Brains aren't fully formed until their mid 20’s”(Schiraldi)
    The adult judicial system does not place emphasis upon the needs of the youth.
    “Adult criminal justice system is ill equipped to meet the needs of youth offenders”(Daugherty)
    “Rehabilitation, rather than punishment, should be the objective when dealing with juveniles.”
    If young people cannot partake in adult affairs such as alcohol or being elected, how is it fair that they be tried as an adult?
    “It is illegal to consume alcohol or purchase a handgun before age 21”(Schiraldi)
    “A 15 year-old is too young and stupid to decide for himself whether cigarettes are something he should buy, but he is of sound adult mind when firing a gun in the midst of an argument.”(McCrea)

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