• Yes, he should.

    Kaeperernick should continue to protest by sitting during the national anthem until all black people are respected and until the police brutality and killings of black people ends. His peaceful protest is powerful and effective. It is an example of the kinds of freedoms that soldiers fight for us to be able to have.

  • It is his right

    Colin Kaepernick has every right to kneel during the national anthem, that is what people who fight are actually protecting, that right not the flag itself. It is important for people who have a national stage to make a statement when they can, as that is how the word about injustice spreads most quickly.

  • Yes, he should do whatever he feels is right.

    I don't know if Colin Kaepernick's protest has been or will be very effective, but if he wants to keep doing it and he believes in his cause, he should keep doing it. Now that he's started doing it, if he stops, it will be seen as him giving up or, in effect, admitting that the problem no longer exists.

  • He Lives his own life.

    He should be able to exercise his freedoms and wether or not we agree with it we can't say he can't do it. He is living his own life and making his own choices. You can call him names and do whatever you like but he is simply acting on his freedoms.

  • Yes,But he should stop kneeling

    He should contuine to protest but not like that he could just protest in court not on the field I understand why he's doing it it's a good cause but can't he find some other way to protest I like what he's fighting for but he could find some other way to do it.

  • Kaepernick Shouldn't Be Given Any More Media Attention

    I believe that wether Kaepernick chooses to stand up for the Anthem at this point doesn't even matter. Should he stand, yes, but our country provides us the freedom to make those choices. Him choosing to continue his protest will only gain momentum if he continues to get the media spotlight. If his intentions are true in why he is sitting then he can find a better avenue of voicing those concerns, but sitting down for the Anthem just makes him looks disrespectful and ignorant, considering that the flag stands for nothing but the freedom that even gives him the right to sit down. However, by both idolizing him and slandering him in the media, he is given attention and fame and therefore feels validated in his decisions. By cutting out media coverage of his choices, he would either need to find a more productive way of voicing his opinions or we would find that the lack of attention only shows that he was doing it more for fame than for true beliefs.

  • No he should not!

    As the son of a Veteran, it is absolutely disrespectful to our veterans and every veteran that has lossed their life while protecting our country and our freedom. Its really sad to see that my kids are going to have to grow with this shit. People need to learn to grow up and realize there is no way of changing the past. Flag burning, tearing down statues, or kneeling during our country's National Anthem. Grow up, its not going to change anything. If it was it already would have changed. Liberals need to realize that life isn't fair. If this country was all about making everything fair, this country and the government would collapse. Black people, asians, europeans, whites, arabic, etc. We are all human and you have to work for your share. It isnt just handed to you. Freedom isn't free people, it has a price and the men and women serving our country are paying that price so we can have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom in general, and all the other amendments. I would do anything to keep my dad from going overseas but to him its his duty to serve my family and the American citizens. Before you kneel for the next time you here the National Anthem; think about how lucky you are to have the right to be standing there as a free citizen, that you have a home, that you have food, and the right to do things we love to do. We should take this advantage of freedom to do what we want to do, but people are just taking that advamtage and spitting on it.

  • He should respect his own country

    How can Kaepernick expect respect for the black community if he himself does not give the US anthem the respect it deserves? His attitude reflects the amount of respect he and what he stands for deserves. Perhaps the next time he and/or a person in the black community is victimised, the police/attorneys/judges (who swore an oath to the US) should just kneel in circles instead of standing up for them.

  • Bitch get the fuck out of this country

    You live in this country, do you not?
    You can't just go around trying to change the world for your benefit.
    If you don't like this country, get your money, your cars, your thots, your dumbass friends, and your own stupid ass out of this GREAT country.

    If not, then shut the fuck up, get an education, and get your ass up.

  • No, it is his country

    This is Colin Kaepernick's country, whether he likes it or not. I don't think that it was right for him to sit. I understand he wants to make a statement because it isn't right for a lot of people to be racist, but he could have stood and said it later. Enough said. Peace to all.

  • No, this is his country

    This is his country, whether he likes it or not. Although there have been many racist things going on lately, he could have pointed it out a a different time. He should have stood for the national anthem, because people could have taken it the wrong way. I'm out. Peace to all.

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