Should Kashmir be independent of both Pakistan and India?

  • Justice for all

    Living as a Azaad Kashmiri in England born here from parents who had to emigrate to Britain where every worked hard to contribute to society and gave the modern world the industrial revolution the world forgot about us war babies that sides fight over and we are caught in the middle all we ask for is justice which is long overdue and can be the reason for peace around the world to see a example and lead peace and justice will succeed and evil and opression shall surely vanish.Peace to all

  • Yes it must be.

    Are yar kitne saal us bichare kashmir ne india ke zulm sahe he or ab un ko azad hone do pakistan or india dono ke zulmo se.Muslim he ye mujhe pta he to pakistan wese hi un ke saath trade ya free me un ki madad kr sakta he.Thanks......Ok.Yessssssssssssssss.Chor do us ki jan

  • Independence is the order of the day

    Kashmir should be independent of both Pakistan and India. Being independent and separate has its benefits. Taxes and tourism would go to the Kashmir people rather than India and Pakistan as a whole. They are more likely to also address political and military issues of their own accord rather than relying on two countries too.

  • They should be allowed indepenence.

    Pity poor Kashmir, treated for decades like a pawn in the version of the Cold War (that sometimes runs hot) between India and Pakistan. I would like to see the region become an independent nation, but there is so much neglect and mistreatment that has gone on there, it would require a lot of international aid.

  • Yes it should

    Maybe Kashmir should be independent from Pakistan and India so that it might prosper faster and be more organized. I am not too sure on how things are in that region but it might not be a bad a idea to let them be independent since it is has a very long history.

  • This idea is really stupid!!

    Let me give u reasons
    1) Kashmir is not self sufficient. Only economic source will be tourism but then they will have to spend on other things like food, grains, fuel, etc..., whose expense will supersede the income.
    2) Pak has a considerable militant influence in J&K and it will again try to capture it again by all means. Seeing this, India will give a helping hand and it may again become a disputed territory.
    3) India has spent a lot of money in army to control militant activities across the border and for the development work in J&K state. So it will be unfair to Indians now to leave Kashmir as Independent.
    4) Best of all, compare all the possible Human development criteria in POK, India occupied Kashmir and independent Kashmir. If Independent Kashmir is doing better than others then we can start considering this idea.

  • Kashmir Doesn't Deserve Independence

    Without a doubt, Kashmir doesn't deserve independence from Pakistan and India. The fact of the matter is that Kashmir couldn't even survive as its own country. Many people in the region are calling for independence, but they fail to realize that the faux country couldn't even support itself these days.

  • Have a country with two seperate but participating entities, like the US does with the North and the South

    It's important to acknowledge that there are many countries with old ties that are political in nature. Countries like the United States, but perhaps a better example is Germany. When the eastern Berlin Wall was torn down, Germany was free, of communism. But those who were Russian influenced now still live in peace.

  • No it shouldn't

    Kashmir has no source of income except for tourism which is puny. Its expenses would definitely be more than its income. It would have no military to defend itself. On one side you have china which loves taking land from india. On the other side you have pakistan which would annex kashmir a soon as it becomes independant. Kashmir is part of india and should stay that way.

  • No it should be with pakistan

    Pakistan was formed where there was a Muslim majority and Kashmir is one of them.When the Brits left they left Kashmir undecided .Hari Singh which was the Hindu king of Kashmir signed the Instrument of Accession .It was a contract which made Kashmir go with india when it should have been with Pakistan.The war of 1947 started and Pakistan had captured a section of Kashmir called Azad Kashmir.Even today the people of Kashmir want independence from india and want to be apart of Pakistan.They have a black day when they protest ever year to be apart of Pakistan.

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