• Yes, torrenting is against the law.

    I fully support the seizing of KickassTorrents domains. Piracy is a crime, and sharing pirated intellectual property, such as movies, TV shows and music, has a negative effect on the economy and can cause people to lose work. If everyone decided to use torrents, then there would be no money for creative artists.

  • Yes, Kickass Torrents Domains Should be Seized

    It's unfortunate to have your domains seized, however this website breaks the law. Not just local or federal law, but international law. So, if you are not following the law, you get arrested and your stuff gets taken away from you. If you don't like the law, fight to change it don't just break it.

  • Yes, they violated the law.

    While I don't support the law that caused KickTorrents to be seized I can see no other argument against seizing KickTorrents. They offered an illegal service in an attempt to skirt copyright law and to help their users steal copyrighted, downloadable content. The entire service is illegal and it makes sense to seize it.

  • No it shouldn't

    I agree that it's probably wrong that these sites are around, because they are stealing films and music and giving them out to the public for free, but are they really? Spotify does it for a monthly price, the pnly difference is that they charge you, and KAT does not charge. It is not going to make people buy movies and music so I think the move to seize them was completely pointless.

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