• Yes, it’s next

    I’d go further than that. Children as young as 8 should be allowed to vote. They possess the mental faculties necessary to make informed decisions. They pay taxes like the rest of us. Youth rights will become the future of liberalism. It’s only a matter of time before this is implemented. It’s progress.

  • Kids should vote.

    Some kids actually pay attention to politics. The kids that actually pay attention to politics should vote. Their are some kids in the world who pay attention to politics more than some adults. These kids should have the right. This is why I think that kids should be able to vote.

  • NO! Kids above thirteen are considered teens...

    Even though most teens, can be responsible, some teens would see voting as a joke. They would vote for what they didn't believe in instead of voting for what they knew was right. Even if some of them would take it seriously, we can't give them all that chance. We could end up with the worst runner instead of the best one. I say leave it to the adults.

  • Not at all

    The teenage brain is in a crucial developmental period and is highly influenced by others rendering it unable to think critically for itself. Of course there are some who are capable, but factoring in the masses would be absurd to think more than %50 have the mental capabilities of an adult. Besides, you have to admit, with the responsibility given from school, a large portion of those teenagers would just vote the same as their parents. Especially since they are too busy with homework, chores, a social life, down time, and a possible part time job to do any research on what is being voted on.

  • No, absolutely not

    Children's ideologies change all the time really. They see a lot of stuff and during this stage of development they don't have a clear consensus of what they truly feel. Also, many of the issues on which we vote for are quite inappropriate for children and it's not there place to interfere. The current age for voting should remain

  • No They should not be able to vote.

    The age of 13 you can only have a part-time job with most restrictions, and your only just entering the world of internet and social media at least its the age you start being able to. You haven't really even started learning about this kind of information in school or the importance of voting in the United States or anywhere else.

  • They haven't matured enough

    Simply put, 13 year old kids haven't matured enough, nor do they know enough to make a rational decision on what is being voted on, like which MP to get in to Parliament. At that age, children shouldn't have to worry with what stupid thing the government's doing or who should be in power.

  • No, it should not

    Though I am 13 myself and I would appreciate being able to vote, I have to say no because there are a lot of ignorant teenagers out there who would probably just vote whatever their parents voted for without any further thought. Though I do suggest lowering the voting age a couple of years, perhaps to 17 or 16.

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