• Kids Need Phones

    I say kids need phones because I have dance for 4 and a half hours on Fridays and I stay there without my parents. So if I forget my dinner I can just text my parents. Plus if dance ends early I can call or text them instead of waiting. (also it can be pretty awkward when everyone is on their phone and your just sitting there)

  • In my opinion, yes

    I a kid were in an emergence they would need a phone to first call nine one one and also to contact the parent. Also if your kid wanted to hang out at a friends house wouldn't you want your child to check in with you so he or she could could tell you that there ok or that there stomach started aching.

  • Kids should have cill phones!!

    Kids should have cell phones because if the parents child is in danger he or she can call and let them know also helps parents call their kids in case they are not in the parents custody. Also helps kids communicate with their friends for example if the child needs to copy notes that was given in school or when they want to practice for a school program

  • Kids should have cill phones!!

    Kids should have cell phones because if the parents child is in danger he or she can call and let them know also helps parents call their kids in case they are not in the parents custody. Also helps kids communicate with their friends for example if the child needs to copy notes that was given in school or when they want to practice for a school program

  • Kids should have phones

    Kids should have phones because there isnt always sources of phones around for emergencies. Would u rather keep ur kid at home and let them get hurt or let them get ahold of u in a way that ISNT SO RISKFUL???????!!!! Also because nowadays people are using phones for homework.

  • Yes 10 year old should have a phone

    Yes because they can be home alone they can't call the 911 if there is a robber or if they get hurt or they can't call 911 if you find something weid .They can do a lot of stuff they can do bad stuff i know but just trust them once.

  • Kids need cell phones

    Kids 10-11 should have cell phones because if they are lost or forget there lunch at school they can call there parents but if they are lost and don't have a phone then they will be lost for prabobly forever until they find someone with a phone. But if you don't have a lunch than you can just text your mom when she's at work but if you don't have a phone then you have to call her which stops her from doing work and then she needs to go all the way to school to give you a sandwich and some crackers then she goes back and 93.4% chance he will get fired and so that why I think kids 10-11 should have phones- Sarp Erden

  • Kids need phones especially a 11 year old

    When i come to scholl everyone is talking about something i dont know or talk about snapchat or instagram. Also my mom wont let me out because i have no way to reach her and that is her fault because she wont give me a phone. Kids should have phones it keeps them connected to other kids and frfiends and family

  • I am 11 and my phone is very important!!

    You see I have just turned 11 and ii have had a phone since I was nine, but they were hand-me-downs, my sisters old phone, then earlier this year I traded that for a phone we had lying around, this phone is important because when I'm in town walking around with friends she makes sure I have it so I can text her if anything goes wrong, I go to the town pool a lot in the holidays with my friend and we take my phone to text, my mum, I have IG and SC, (Instagram and snap chat, but on snapchat I only have my sister 2 of her friends that I know and some other friends, on Instagram I don't have any pictures with me in it, except a few! My mum says this phone is important, but my older sibling say I dont need it because I don't go to highschool or intermediate, like them, but I do catch the bus, a lot so thats also important, because my bus has broken down like 5 times and we had to get locals to help transport us to school, so i can tell my my that happened and she can know im okay!

  • You might be left alone

    I get left at hockey on my own for half an hour. So i need my phone in case of an emergancy. And also it is really embarresing knowing that you are the only one in the year who does not have a phone. And it is very helpful thanks

  • Kids are not doing their homework!

    Kids are just looking up the answers rather than actually learning the information. They should be reading a book rather than trying their best to unlock that new level. Kids are also just texting their friends. They aren't actually doing their homework. This just shows that kids under the age of 10 should not be allowed to have a cell phone!

  • Half and half

    Kids should have phones when there young as they can contact their parents when something is wrong ... Although.... :
    1. They don't have as much responsibility as older children
    2. If they download social media strangers can send naughty things to them and then they wont understand it and probably do what these strangers ask them
    3. Kids need to be kids not to stare at their phone all day long they need to focus on the more important things in life like school and many other great things
    thank you :)

  • Phones for Tweens can promote inappropriate usage

    The usage of phones given as a privilege to tweens is unjust since these young kids still don't know how to differentiate the inappropriate uses of the phone. Sure, moderate game play and texting to your friends in moderate amounts are alright, but alot of tweens these days reside in the Instagram multiverse, a place where people get stalked, nudes are sent, people get cyberbullied, etc. Cyberbullying isn't a problem when you're a bit older, but for 10-11 year old kids, this may discourage them from schoolwork and they can possibly fail. When they either go to a school far away BY WALK or at least 30 minutes away by train or bus OR when they turn over the age of 14 and going to high school.

  • Kids that are within the ages of 9-12 should not have phones?

    Kids should go outside and play and have fun with their friends. I have seen kids with phones these days and theyre not paying attention to their surroundings. I am 13 and I have a phone, but I use it for calls and texts mostly. Kids who have phones basically have nobody to call, like who are they gonna call? Dora? One of my friend's little brother has a phone and its just sad how much time he spends on it. Some people are probably thinking "Well you're only 13 and you have a phone" Well I am responsible with my phone and I don't play games on it unless I am in the car and my parents need to talk about something that I can't know about so I put my earbuds in, listen to music, and play a game. Kids need to go outside and enjoy themselves.

  • Time well spent???

    As an adult, I've learned through time and experience how to prioritize my time, get my work done before leisure time, and to recognize addictive behaviors in myself and stop before I lose control. And yet, I often spend hours on facebook, or ignore a child's plea to read a book together because I want to get to the next level on a game I'm playing. Really, what's more important.
    Smart phone app usage can be addictive, and kids this young need to be protected from the risk. If adults struggle with this, then kids will have an even harder time.

  • Bob bob bob

    The fact I can get it right away with a lot more fun and I don't think that it was not immediately available to all of them in my head and the rest of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be

  • Kids are to young

    All you kids that are 10 and under do not need cell phones they are all just gowing to get in the way of educashin. All cell phones are naw a days are good for are looking ate pornagrafy and snapchatting texting and serfing the web that's it I mean yea you can call people and all but no one Duse that ever one texts echother naw a days. I mean kid are geting obeast because they are all on there phones and not out side riding bikes or gowing for walkes instead there siting on there couch watching tv and playing video games on there phones. And phones won't alwas save you if your kidnapped the Peale that kidnapped you would just take the phone and throw it away I'm a junior in high school I'm 16 and I say that kid under the age of ten should not have cell phones

  • Stop playing on phones

    Kids like me use to on phones when they could be outside enjoying the day they can play sport go to the park I am tired of these kids playing so I hid them for dear sake there eyes I always have to take them away. So don't even if they beg.

  • Make them earn it.

    I think that kids should not have phones, because they will break them and waste your money. They could have an IPod Touch which is less expensive and runs off of wifi. But you should make them earn the money for it by themselves. Then they will learn work ethic.

  • HI maya HAVE FUN

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