• Yes, kids should always listen to their parents.

    I believe that kids should always listen to their parents. In reality, we know they don't. However, parents look out for the best interest of their kids, and their kids need to remember that. They have experience and wisdom that kids don't possess. If kids listen to their parents they might avoid a lot of trouble and heartache.

  • Who is older?

    Children percept certain scenarios differently from their adults and therefore don't always listen to their parents. But they should, as the parent is clearly older and wiser. They've seen and been it all. They have been children themselves. They've fallen into traps, and since parents want what's best for their children, They steer their kid away from the pitfalls. And a trivial activity such as cleaning up your room could provide responsibility for the future, such as completing tasks quickly and efficiently.

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  • Parents know most

    I believe that parents know most. They are much more experienced and are more sensible than there child. Each and every parent knows more than there child. All parents have gone through the same problems there child is going through. When a parent shouts they do it for a reason and are trying to help. So its always a good idea to listen to your parents. These are my reasons why parents know most.

  • Parents know most

    I believe that parents know most. Every single parent knows more than there child they are more experienced and are much more sensible. All parents have gone through the same problems there child are going through and they can help there child any time. When a parent shouts they do it for a reason and are trying to help. These are my reasons why parents know most.

  • Parents Know Most

    I believe that parents know most. Every single parent knows more then there child and are more experienced. They have gone through the same problems there child is going through and so if you listen to them it will be good. If they shout they are doing it for a reason. Those are my reasons why parents know most.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Parents should let their children know which behaviours are acceptable and which are not and explain the reasons for the same so that children will more likely listen. Give them alternatives so that kids will be happy to take decisions on their own. This works for kids as well as teenagers.

  • Parents are awesome

    They always take care of you ,feed you, and put a roof above you. Sometimes they can do things that you don't want them to do but most of the time they are really nice. I don't get why people say parents suck because they don't. So all of you people who hate their parents you should be ashamed of yourself

  • Parents goal is to help their child become a good member of society.

    Yes. In general, children should listen to their parents. We can all create "what it" scenarios or know of someone who has mistreated their child. But I believe most parents want the best for their children. And lets not forget that parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Its reasonable to expect a parent to teach their children right from wrong. Parents may have to reprimand, lecture or punish a child for their actions as needed as age appropriate until the child learns that a particular action is not acceptable behavior. What parents view as acceptable behavior can vary greatly but that does not mean the the child does not have rights. All children should be given the common rights for a proper diet, housing, health care, education and not live in fear or abuse. Freedoms should increase in line with the maturity of the child. The role of a parent is to help their child become an adult who is a responsible law abiding citizens who can function independently and takes responsibility for what she/he says and does.

  • Parents' experience: wealth not to be wasted

    Parents previously committed mistakes they must have regretted and hopefully corrected. So, why should their children fall in the same trap? Why don't they benefit from their parents' experience and make short cut? It's necessary that mass media helps build new social codes in society and make communication a very nice and efficient solution to gain profits for all: in business, politics, social affairs and family relationships! Generation gap should not be a source of stress but a source of diversity and wealth.

  • No, not always.

    Parents, like any other authority figure, must earn the trust and respect of their children. This should NEVER be instantly given without cause. My father used to lie to me to get me to avoid things he liked so he wouldn't have to share..or to make himself look good and sound smart. Not all parents are like this, but that's part of the problem. Parents are people too. And people are not infallible.

  • Parents dont always know everything

    Parents and children these days are known to not have as much of a good relationship as they would've done back in the days. Everyone sees it. So why do they parents think that they would know everything about their child, that doesn't talk to them. To build these relationships, a parent should not be argumentative in a way a child would be. A more understanding and 'laid back' parent are favoured. Children want their parents to be their sort of best friends.

  • No way no

    When kids listen to mums and dads it is like a torer to kids. It seems like we are slaves and if we do not something that they say i the end of the world. If you a kids and really nice and have a nice parent you'll be really lucky.

  • Not always !

    Yes kids should listen to their parents but in a lot of cases kids don't need to listen to their parents because some parents take control of a kids life when. We need to take control of our own lives we can't always be perfect and we need to make our own mistakes so we can learn from them ourselves

  • I'm old enough to make my own decisions

    If older than 14, then you are old enough to make your own decisions. Teenagers need to learn that their actions have consequences, but they can't do that if their parents are controlling their every decision. For the love of god let them live their own live! So yes, teenagers don't need to listen to their parents all the time.

  • No children should not

    Childrn should not listen to our parents becuase parents dont always know whats best for their chikdren because everyone is different, and going throuh different problems to them. On the other hand parents have been througn some problems children have so I suppose you should listen if its sensible.Thank you

  • It depends on the type of parent

    Parents once upon a time wee children and teenagers like us and at times have our best interests at heart. But in such a world there are such cases in which for example in my case were my father makes me avoid everything he likes so as to not finish it. In some cases where parents order their children to do something when they are studying or doing some productive work makes the solution as to how to end such a case. This solution is in the quote 'every man for himself'. I don't mean this in the selfish way but parents take advantage of kids and make them do all the work leaving the kid feeling as if that was why he was brought into the world. We are in the modern world where teenagers are becoming mothers and fathers with no experience of taking care of a child other than looking at how their parents brought them up! They may bring the child up in the wrong way. They may do the opposite of what their parents did which they thought was wrong once upon a time which could turn out to be either good or bad depending on the situation..

  • Rebelious kids are actually smart.

    Parents need to listen to there kids. Kids/teens are Innocent. Some teens are not innocent but still have opinions. We approach things differently then adults. We see things as many ways as possible but our parents destroy our creativity. We try to tell them our arguments. They just shoot down our opining. They think of them as excuses. Children the ages between 1 and 14 obviously need to listen. Any older then that really don't. They are more mature and know how to make arguments but we cant do anything like that.

  • Learning from Mistakes

    Children can only learn out of mistakes. Kepping your childe safe only means that you are killing the oppertunity of your child learning to face the society. What about when your child grows up and encounters this particular problem? She/He will only know how to avoid it and not how to overcome it and actually achieve something. This is usually how people eventually become wasted----getting too much "Love" from theor parents.

  • Sometimes the parents could just be wrong.

    In life the parents and children could have a way more calm and stress free live if the parents would just stop telling the children what to do. But when the parents stop telling the kids to do things like clean their room someday the kids will just realize themselves that their room is way too dirty and clean it without being asked

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