• Yes, kids should be able to leave school during lunch

    Schools teach all about responsibility and trustworthiness but when teachers don't even let you leave the cafeteria during lunch how are they teaching us that? Students should be able to leave school during lunch and have it as a privledge not a right. They could get this right taken away if needed. Teenagers get to a certain age when they can't be babysat all the time. Teenagers start to have bad behavior because we feel like no one trusts us. If we had trust with our teachers just like they teach us then we should all have the privledge to leave campus during lunch.

  • Kid should be able to leave school.

    Kids should be able to leave school for lunch because some schools give unhealthy food.Going home for lunch and to smoke is bad but not as bad as the lunch food the school gives us.Barbies are very fun to play with some people go home just to play with family members.

  • Kids are not allowed to leave school for lunch

    If Kids leave school they may buy stuff that is not food like games toys and maybe drugs, Kids mite go shoplifting and there school will be known as that bad school. Some kids think there free out side of school so they will most likely start the swear and damage others belongings

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