Should kids be able to use their phones in school?

  • We need them

    What if theirs an emergency at school we need to call our parents or what if we get shot at school and no one has my parents number. Like foreal we need the I have an iphone 6 plus and I can't bring it to school so say yes .

  • Cell phones should be allowed in schools.

    You can use it to help you with your school work, or to text your parents. I know some kids get very worried about their parents and that's a good way to just check in. You can use it in case of an emergency or just to play a game quietly when your work is finished instead of talking to your friends and disrupting the class.

  • As long as it doesn't disrupt class

    As long as cell phone usage doesn't cause a disruption in class, students should be allowed to have them on and on their person at all times. Cell phones are so prevalent in modern society, it would be ridiculous to force them off of campus or be hidden from sight at all times.

  • Yes in school.

    Kids should be allowed to use their phones in school, just not during class time. During class it would be rude and they would not be paying attention to the teacher than, but during breaks and lunch time I do not see why they would not be able to use their phones.

  • Yes. I believe kids should be able to use their phones in school.

    Yes. I believe kids should be able to use their phones in school, but only in certain situations. Such a student has finished all of his, or her assignments, and has nothing else to do. Letting that student use their phone to browse the Internet would be a good way to keep him, or her occupied while his, or her classmates are still working.

  • Yes they should!

    It could be used in a emergency if all kids had cell phones in the middle of a fire and all the classrooms were on fire and teachers couldn't get their phones. The kids would have the cell phone in their pocket and call 911. Hmmm looks like I'm right!!

  • Yes, Cellular comunication is a new form of social interaction

    During my final years of high school the use of cell phones within school grounds was permitted for an experimental trial period. The social interactions between student who before were socially unaware of each other nearly doubled. It was a success. Cell phones are still allowed at the school today, and I graduated nearly 2 years ago.

  • It's not needed

    Kids have tons of distractions in school and many of them have no desire to be there, giving them another outlet to ignore the things that they're there for is a bad idea. They can be contacted other ways if their parents absolutely need them, that's what the office is for.

  • No the school is not a place for phones

    Schools should not allow children to use their phones in school. Children should be allowed to carry a phone and if it is an emergency seek out someone who in certain cases will allow them to be on the phone however in everyday actions the phone should not be used.

  • Kids should not be able to use their phones in school.

    Phones are a distraction for kids and they should not be able to use them at school. Today, phones are not only for making calls but they can also be used to surf the Internet and play games. Kids should focus on their school work when they are at school.

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