• Yes they should vote

    Now the children know how to use the phone ,laptop,and all the electronic gadgets .When they use to be more communicate with this of course they should know how to vote by voting the kids get new experience and they also learn to vote nowadays be helpful in future .

  • Yes They Should Be Able To Vote

    Kids Should Be Able To Vote Because more people to vote gives more people who are running more votes. Kids are smart too. Kids are actually really smart sometimes for there age. What if the smartest kid in the world was like 13 years old. He/She is smart enough to know whom to pick or whom not to pick

  • I would know

    I am under the age of 18 and I think that at age 13 you should have the right to vote. It's the kids' country as well as the adults. For example: Say 60% of adults in this city are republicans... They would win the debate. But then if 70% of the KIDS from ages 13 to 18 are democrats, it would be a fair debate.

    The opposing side will probably make a point that the kids will most likely vote with their parents and it will be a fight for whichever party has the most kids but I don't believe that. I think many teenagers will be independent and choose their own party. In fact, letting them pick might actually attract more attention to the other parties BESIDES democrats and republicans.

    Also, the more people voting, the more fair. For example, if 3 people vote, not much is decided as in only 1 person will make a difference. But then if you have 7 people vote, it's more likely to have a larger difference. And if you have 70,000,000 people vote, I highly doubt that ONE person will make a difference.

    I am only 14 years old but I am smart enough to make this argument and definitely smart enough to vote.

  • A note from the 15 year old DDO member:

    Looking back on how I used to behave, I would not allow children to vote. While I was quite a thoughtful child, I beleive that the wise choice is not letting children vote.

    1. Children do not understand social issues, economic issues, gobal issues, etc.
    2. Children can be easily persuaded into doing things.
    3. Children would not understand the points their canidate was trying to get across.
    4. Children might randomly choose a canidate when voting.

  • It would be interesting...

    To set up special election booths and allow kids to mock vote when their parents go to vote. I think a child would have to be at least in middle school to participate. Then they are more likely to have the ability to form their own opinion and understand the concepts and process. It would be interesting to see what the children think, by tallying their votes as well but I don't think the votes should count as there are many things beyond a child's ability to understand.

    An added bonus would be by the time children were adults they would already be in the habit of not only voting but paying attention to the issues and politics of America.

    But I feel the NO is the most accurate answer for my response since I do not believe their votes should count.

  • They shouldn't be able to vote

    I think that kids shouldn't be allowed to vote because most kids wouldn't take it seriously. This wouldn't be fair on whoever is affected by the vote. Yes, some kids are sensible enough to vote properly but most wouldn't and if it was voting for a new president/Prime Minister then this could be really bad for the country.

  • Maybe sixteen year olds, but not any younger

    Kids are still trying to understand the world, and personally are not mature enough to make the choice of vote at such a young age. Sixteen year olds on the other hand I feel are mature enough to vote, they have reached the stage where they have a view of the world on par with most adults.

  • That's a terrible idea

    While kids may be smart, by and large they are not exposed to most political issues in a sensible light. So they lack the required knowledge and experience to be able to make a good voting decision. Most adults can't make a good voting decision because they only ever engage in politics sporadically. This is especially true in countries like Canada, where the "Hot Button" issues that Americans are constantly stamping their feet about were dealt with long ago and so it lacks the sexy "GUNS UR TERRORISM WINZ" sideshow, and as such makes politics boring for most people.

    I don't think it's fair to ask children to start caring about fiscal policy and the social safety net when they aren't in a position where any of that matters to them AND they're still developing basic life skills. You have to take these things one step at a time.

    Also, I don't trust parents as far as I can throw them. I have no trouble believing that there are some parents who would decide their child's vote for them and then make that child vote the way the parent wants them to.

  • This is stupid.

    I didn't even know anything about politics until I was already almost 18. A lot of kids don't even care. For the ones that do, they should be tested to make sure they know who and what they are voting for. If they can tell someone the basics of who's for what, then let them vote. But as for all of the others, Kanye for 2020 may actually happen if kids could vote.

    Posted by: tc22
  • I really hope not.

    When I was young, the words 'Republicians', and 'Democrats' were just long words that lent nothing to me. When I was 11, I started talking with my dad (Republican) and my mom (Democrat), and decided what party I followed (Republican). At 11. If 11 year old's were given intense lessons on politics, maybe younger kids could vote, and the adults would overall decide who the next president was, but the kid voting would be studied and still broadcasted or something, give 'em practice; a little satasfaction, to keep them waiting until 18.

  • Not just yet

    I agree there are undoubtedly many kids the world over under 18, that would be able to make an informed decision, however the vast majority cannot. I would argue that there are two main reasons for this.

    Firstly, the younger a person is the more likely they are to be influenced by others. In turn making it incredibly difficult to make as unbiased a decision as possible.

    Secondly and sadly, are education systems simply do not give kids the information they would need to be able to make an informed choice.

    I would like to see voting ages lowered to 16, but first education needs to be improved.

  • What kind of question is this?

    They would just follow what their parents say and if the parents have a lot of kids they could significantly affect future elections. So the gang members who have tons of kids can just vote for some shitty president. That would make this country horrible. It just doesn't make sense.

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