Should kids be allowed to participate in horseback riding?

  • It's a Balancing Act

    If the children are under supervision and are not doing tasks which far outweigh their capabilities and experience, then the physical and mental benefits of equine interactions outweigh the possible risks. As long as they understand things such as; don't run up behind your pony or don't crawl in between your horses legs then even a young child can't go far wrong with a chilled pony.

  • Of course they should

    I'm 12 and I ride.My parents get nervous about it but honestly I don't care.It makes me happy and I would be so broken if they took it away.It is the kids choice to participate in this dangerous activity.(I don't care if it's danger,I take risks to make me happy)

  • Horseback riding is very enjoyable but can be dangerous at times. But should we stop our kids from enjoying the sport they love?

    I think we should allow are kids to participate In horseback riding because it's allows us to have fun, be physically active and show off our talent! We shouldn't keep our kids from the sport they love! At times horse back riding can be dangerous. But so can soccer and other sports! So why should we keep our kids from participating in this amazing sport?

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