• I support this

    Kids should be grounded because if they dont behave then they ever listen to the adult if they arent corrected by their behavior growing up. Kids dont listen start with time our; then start to take there stuff Way and then begin to extend there time away from the item.

  • It is not needed

    “You’re grounded!” How many times have you said that? Once, twice or a thousand times? You should never have to say that again; kids should not be grounded. According to Yahoo.Com, grounding only works if executed right; but sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Expert Michele Borba said. Grounding usually involves a child’s losing TV time or access to a favorite game as well as the ability to attend an event, such as a party or play date — anything they would consider fun and isn’t required, such as school and doctor appointments. According to parentingbasics.Com, grounding causes the need to be sneaky; grounding also is counterproductive. Grounding leaves kids almost impossible to control. Also it says grounding often leads to being defiant later because if they know that they would be grounded anyways they would do things even when the parent says not to (Parenting.Basics.Blogspot.Com). Sometimes I personally play videogames when I am grounded usually when in the bathroom because I feel the need to play them. Personally I believe this is because I am grounded so much that I believe I need to play to keep in touch with my games and friends. It also makes me feel the need to be secretive because if my phone goes off my dad always asks me why my phone went off. According to radicalparenting.Com, do not rely on taking away things, such as their cell phones. They know they will get it back eventually, so it doesn’t have the same affect. Remember to take away things that they care about that they cannot get back. Such as if they want to get a new game tell them that they cannot get it until they are good for a week straight or something like that (radicalparenting.Com). Dr. Edward R. Chirstophersen suggests to parents still wishing to punish their children for bad deeds suggests ‘job grounding’. ‘Job grounding’ is when instead of taking away things to give jobs. For example kids would be punished for a detention by mowing the lawn. He says that there should be different levels so that if the kid gets a detention he won’t be a punishment like clean the living room (learnvest.Com). As you can see; kids shouldn’t be grounded ever again.
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  • NO! Stop! Your Grounded!

    Heard those words before? I, a kid myself disagree to grounding. Instead of punishing them, for mistakes, talk to them. TO some parents its a game, how can we make a child the most angry? Really? It's not productive. They have to teach their children to learn how to be an adult when they're older.

  • It isn't fair.

    Grounding children for their mistakes is unfair. Parents should understand and try to imagine their life without whatever the punishment is. Taking away kids' electronics seems legit, but not allowing them to go down and play, or simply leave the house, is just mean. It's like they want to keep them like prisoners and almost torchere them. Children should be told their mistakes calmly, but if no success is found, a punishment can be given, provided it isn't too harsh.

  • It's not right to limit their contact with the world.

    The typical grounding is no phone or electronics, no going out except for school and extra work. Well, that just seems too harsh. It's okay to take away their electronics, I agree with that. But, not being allowed to leave the house makes parents seem like they're keeping them prisoners. We need fresh air and exercise. If we go to school, have one, maybe two recesses and a lunch to be the only time we can move and get air, then our brains would go crazy.

    If parents wanna make kids listen, take away their electronics and have them do a bit of extra work, or have them do some more chores, but don't, I repeat, DON'T limit their contact with the world!

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