• I go to school still.

    For kids, Halloween is a great holiday because we get to dress up in fun costumes and go out and get free candy. Halloween is one of the best holidays for kids, and we should have it as a day off of school. Some people said that it's not a real holiday, but it is! Last year they had to postpone trick-or-treating because we had a bad storm. THEY POSTPONED A HOLIDAY! Halloween is a holiday that kids love. We should be allowed to be off school like any other holiday!

  • We need to have fun!

    Kids need to have fun and be let free for the day to get candy and to run around with friends to get candy and have fun. We just need to have some fun. Everyone does need some fun! Us kids love to dress up and to get food! Please AGREE

  • We should have a day off

    As a student I can say that we don't have enough time to get candy, and we are forced to work at school. I can also say that it is very hard to focus on the lesson when we're busy planning our night. Also, we have off for every other holiday, why not halloween?

  • Its no different

    I think that Halloween should be a holiday because it's counted as a holiday and kids deserve to enjoy and be safe at the same time on Halloween and kids shouldn't be worried about school as a concern they need to worry how much candy they'll get freedom freedom freedom.

  • Halloween should be a holiday

    Halloween is very fun for kids sow we should be let out because it is a holiday and plus kids ain't going to be focus at school because they are excited about wearing thy costumes and getting candy and plus some kids probably already hyper because the kids been eating a lot of candy and plus some teachers don't have a Halloween party because they don't like Halloween.

  • It's A Fricking Holiday

    It's way too much pressure to have to go to school and do all that work when your trying to focus on a holiday. Halloween is for fun, friends, and family. We should get a 2 day break (Halloween and the day after Halloween) , so kids can actually enjoy the holiday with their friends and family.

  • Halloween is busy and fun

    Just like what most other people said, I think that since many people are very busy on Halloween we should get a day off. They don't even let us dress up at school for God's sake. I also noticed that almost every single holiday we get out of school for is a Christian holiday. This needs to change and it needs to change quick. I'm tired of getting bogged down with homework on a day that is already extremely busy.

  • Its a holiday

    It is a holiday. It was when our ancestors thought the dead rise and wal ked the earth. We should have a d ay off because it is a holiday calibrating the dead and that is important. We take days off when a love one dies why not take a day off to celebrate them

  • Halloween is distracting.

    I'm home schooled and it's Halloween, and I haven't even gotten halfway through a single lesson. This is proof that Halloween is distracti ing because I usually am very good at focusing despite having autism. I think that my school should at least acknowledge the fact that it's Halloween and let us out of school.

  • Halloween Is Important!!!!!!!!

    Halloween is a HOLIDAY celebrated internationally. People wear costumes and celebrate the dead along with having fun. Some people celebrate Halloween by throwing parties, and others by going trick or treating either way Halloween is celebrated. People should have a day of celebration to commemorate their beliefs and have religious freedom.

  • Think about when we were in school.

    Didn't you want to be let out for halloween? Obviously our kids aren't gong to be paying attention to the teachers, they will be thinking about what they are going to do tonight. Why teach if nobody is listening, or paying attention? Kids are still kids. They want to be let out of school just as we did! So, why not make them happy and accomplish something for our kids? It's just another responsibility as parent isn't it? Just making our kids happy and trying to let them have some free time. If you agree with letting your kids suffer through the day just to wait on the holiday that then they should be enjoying, Then you have a buttload of complains coming your way on halloween.

  • Halloween Should Adjust For Children

    I think Halloween can be a great activity or yearly event for children to participate in, however I do not like to see the holiday interfere with schooling. Education should remain the top priority, regardless of what day October 31st falls on. Secondly, children do not have to be out extremely late for Halloween. It is feasible to trick or treat and still be in bed at reasonable time.

  • Halloween is not a major holiday

    I love Halloween as much as the next person, and loved it even more when I was a kid, but that does not mean kids should be let of school to celebrate. For a kid, Halloween is based around Trick or Treat, which obviously takes place during the evening. Other then that, Halloween is just another day for most kids.

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  • This is ridiculous-Just be a smart parent

    OMG kids will be tired.Kids can be tired any given night & still have to go to school.Who's gonna take a PTO day to be home or pay a sitter? I get every holiday off and i'm surely not off for Halloween.I personally dont consider it a holiday.Take your kids out, but dont keep them out past 9pm.They will enjoy the time that they've had.Who says you have to trick or treat for 16 hours on Halloween.Nobody is even given candy out usually after 9pm.Not to mention there are activities going on today, friday, and saturday in lots of places, so please explain why Monday night is the only night your kids can do something? Parents are so lazy at parenting these days and they're scared that their kid will be upset. Are you a parent or a friend? What's so hard about saying we're going our from 6-830pm, then you'll get to have some of your candy tomorrow after school?

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