• We want free lunch! >:c

    HEY! IF PRISONERS GET FREE LUNCH, WHY NOT US! I will calm down now. If someones family has no money and that poor kid buys lunch he has to pay for it!? Thats just dumb! Time to waste space! A a a a a a a a. Respect my opinion!

  • Schools should offer free lunch.

    With free lunches there will be no more hungry kids. 51 percent of kids who qualified for free lunches come from ow income family's. And when kids don't get free lunch they lose out on important vitamins and minerals. And don't you think that if prisoners get free lunch shouldn't kids.

  • No. Lunches should be provided for by their parents or legal guardians

    The responsibility of providing nutritious food a child lies with the parents or their legal guardians not the school. The school's responsibility is to give children an education. Parents of the child that don't have a packed lunch or money to buy lunch should have to come and pick up the child or drop of a lunch for their child.

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